Dec 12, 2007

Vaccine Politics

I have been a bit slow in producing articles lately for Lew. My business has been taking off and I've been occupied with that. Vaccines are a subject of which I have always been fascinated. Back in the 19th century, some scientists thought that the theory behind vaccines was a "grotesque superstition."

I have been coming around to this view for several years now. My latest on the subject will be up at Lew's tomorrow. Here's a preview.

What has resulted from this unholy marriage of corporate interests and the government is not public health but political medicine. Both figuratively and literally, political medicine is poison that seeks to destroy common sense, customer choice and too often, lives. When it isn’t denying medication that has been proven useful to cancer patients, it is attempting to mandate medicine and ban food supplements.

If one didn’t know any better, one might conclude that the FDA and related health agencies of the federal government, want you to get sick.

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