Feb 18, 2013

The Obama Assasination Debate

Obama keeps murdering children with drones in Afghanistan, Sudan and Pakistan. When some dipshit Obama supporter claims there's nothing to worry about, "He's not going to force you to gay marry an illegal alien after taking your guns", I point out that Obama ordered the murder of a 16 year old boy who was born in Denver. He did this not because any crime was committed but because the boy's father said that Muslims should resist the US government's attempts to enslave them.

So, regardless of Obama's stance on gun control or gay marriage, or the dipshit I'm debating, Obama's got no problems assassinating Americans with whom he disagrees.

Then I point out this must be why the person I am debating doesn't publicly say anything in opposition to Obama's murder policy. It's understandable why they wouldn't. They must be either afraid or they support murdering people with whom they disagree. Then I point out that I feel compelled to speak out about this even if I may one day become a target. Then I point out that they live near me and they may want to move away from my town. They will be doing us both a favor. I won't have their death on my conscience, and they can live as a spineless sycophant a little while longer.....until there is a Republican President who has a keen eye for such power. And then where would they move? Canada? We've already set the precedent of ignoring the sovereignty of other nations.

The difference between the dipshit and I, generally, is that if a Republican were to gain the Presidency, I would still speak out against assassination in all cases.