Oct 29, 2007

Bush's Entourage

FEMA fake news conference

That thing had me laughing. The media is so indignant about it but their press conferences are no different. You can't tell the real press conferences from the fake ones. So I wrote about that over at Lew's.

Oct 24, 2007

Boycott RedState

Look. Brownshirt State...err Red State has decided to ban all speech about Ron Paul (except the smears that they will most assuredly publish about Ron Paul).

I was banned for making a comment there. It was the only comment I ever made there. Because I used the word "neoconservatives" I was banned.

There are people there who deny that neoconservatives exist in spite of the fact that Norman Podhoretz proudly calls himself a neoconservative.

Red State has been riding high on the Ron Paul phenomenon. Its page views increased. Its ad revenue was increased. All because people logged in and decided to try and talk sense to people who are immune to it.

Erik , at his own blog, decided to post some of the email he's received. He's so dense, as are most of these neoconservative types, that he doesn't realize he's made himself look even worse.

Face it. The neoconservatives don't even admit that 70% of Americans are fed up with the Iraq war. They don't admit that 56% of the GOP base wants the war to end. These are facts. The neoconservative movement is dead. What's left of it is committing political suicide but does not realize it yet.

Think I'm crazy?

Watch this video. It's Norman Podhoretz pwnd by an audience who attended a recent book signing of his new book about "Islamofascists" and why we need to bomb Iran.

Interesting that Podhoretz can't get away from his racist, leftist past. I never knew that he had such disdain for black people.

Back to the point. If you have an account at RedState, discontinue it. Stop reading that site. As large as the Ron Paul Nation is, we can make a real dent in their bottom line and in the bottom line of many web sites and media outlets who censor or disparage Ron Paul. Get this through your heads: you are much more powerful than you think. The market is very powerful when its individual members start acting. Stop sending them emails. Stop giving them page views.

And from now on, when you're searching google, mouse over the link or pay attention to the source. If it's from RedState, do not click. Boycott Red State. They may never realize that they no longer have any influence over Republican politics, but they might just get a good lesson in economics.

Oct 18, 2007

A Ron Paul Cabinet

Laura at RedStateEcclectic been taking VP nominations. But I've been thinking about this lately and thought I'd just make a list of my cabinet position and department head picks.

I was inspired by a recent article at Lew Rockwell by Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski.

  • Secretary of the Treasury: Franklin Sanders
  • Director of the General Accounting Office: Karen DeCoster
  • Secretary of Defense: Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski
  • Secretary of Commerce: Walter Williams
  • Attorney General: Bob Barr
  • Secretary of State: Lew Rockwell
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs: John McCain
Since that is the extent of what the entire cabinet should look like, that's all I'll suggest.

The rest, Homeland Security, Housing and Development, Education, Homeland Security etc should be abolished, I think it would be good to leave their department heads vacant.

Actually, I might consider John Taylor Gotto as head of Department of Education if for nothing else but to make a bunch of department documents available to the public to see what a sham federal interventions in educations have been.

Oct 13, 2007

Austin Walk for Ron Paul

I brought my oldest daughter and a couple of signs to the Austin Ron Paul walk today. What a blast. The guy carrying the flag is an Iraq veteran stationed at Fort Hood up near Waco. He drives 2 hours down to Austin to all of our events. I don't think I've been to an event where he wasn't in attendance.

Today, he led the walk and waved that flag for almost two hours as we left the Capitol building, went down Congress to the Congress street bridge and then snaked around City Hall, over to the Governor's mansion and back to the Capitol steps.

There was a great deal of honking and cheering from passers-by on foot and in cars. It was thrilling. We plan on doing this once a month. Today the official count was 193 but we picked up a few along the way. One of the marchers had a sign that said "Park your car and join us!"

Oct 12, 2007

Another one at Lew Rockwell

No, Really

I get a few emails from Paul supporters who are still not convinced that he can win and that I'm not presenting any evidence. Frankly, I believe that the only way he can't win is if somebody does something illegal. At least that's my belief after collating some of the data I present in the article.

It's 90 days before the first primary and no other GOP candidate (maybe even DNC candidates) has been pulling in the crowds that Ron Paul has. Not even close. There is no evidence that any other candidate including DNC candidates has any significant online support by comparison.

Oct 5, 2007

Speaking of Donations

The Granny Warriors are seeking some help. They have contracted to have a banner flown over a NASCAR event. Superb idea. Details are here. They need 3k by 10-09-2007 to pull this off.

Oct 4, 2007

Check This Site if You're Not Registered Republican

You can find information here about your state and the deadline for registering to vote Republican.

Oct 3, 2007

The Missing Nukes

The story should be very important. This fellow has one of the most cogent and well written articles I've seen on the subject. He thinks a nuke may have been stolen during that bizarre incident.

If a nuke goes off here in the US. I can tell you right now won't have come from some third world Islamic nation. I say that in spite of the story I've linked. This government cannot be trusted. Gulf of Tonkin was a complete fabrication. Pearl Harbor was manipulated.

[Update: It keeps getting wierder, an airman at Minot, where the nukes ended up, died while on leave. He was part of the security force squadron.

Ron Paul Alexa Numbers

A Setback for the Ron Paul Campaign

Do NOT procrastinate. You must register republican because the GOP is still working against Dr. Paul. Read that very informative article.
"Many states, in an effort to shut out Ron Paul are now closing their primaries," reports Reynolds. "That means that only Republicans can vote in the Presidential primaries for a Republican candidate."

You Did This

Let me explain. The video here is a very good piece on Ron Paul from ABC's national news. ABC wants Ron Paul to spend some money with them and you to watch their broadcasts rather than Fox or MSNBC. They are reacting now to market forces. So rather than make a hit piece, they cover him fairly. They know he's not going away. The 5 mil puts us way past the point where ignoring us has any positive effect. We're in the "win" stage now. There is some fight left, but what dirt can they dig up? Just keep doing what you're doing and don't forget to donate.

Oct 2, 2007

Red State, Brown Shirts

I have never registered or posted at Red State. I registered today, made what I thought was a reasonable post, and BAM. Banned immediately for using the word neoconservative. These people are really conservative don't you know?

The thread is here

Preach it Brother

Check out the comment section of this blog post:
The only hope for the GOP is to abandon Bush and his policies like he was an aids infected transvestite crackwhore.

Oct 1, 2007

Now, This is Funny...

From the Spoof (Ron Paul's Excess Campaign Donations Pay National Debt Shortfall)
Apparently there is intense interest in comparing the rate at which Paul's supporters move fiat money voluntarily out of their pockets, and the rate at which the government moves money by fiat out of Paul's supporters' pockets.