Oct 12, 2007

Another one at Lew Rockwell

No, Really

I get a few emails from Paul supporters who are still not convinced that he can win and that I'm not presenting any evidence. Frankly, I believe that the only way he can't win is if somebody does something illegal. At least that's my belief after collating some of the data I present in the article.

It's 90 days before the first primary and no other GOP candidate (maybe even DNC candidates) has been pulling in the crowds that Ron Paul has. Not even close. There is no evidence that any other candidate including DNC candidates has any significant online support by comparison.


Robert Evans said...

I'd really want you to be right but...

Rick Fisk said...

Damnit,is cynicsm driving you to leave the country or did you find an amazing opportunity?

My email address is on the article.

Email me dude. Tell your wife hello too.

Anonymous said...

You're semi-right. The other candidates haven't gathered as much enthusiasm, meaning more of their supporters will likely skip the primaries than those of Paul. However, there's still a huge chunk of Republican voters who don't even know who Ron Paul is. If Paul's poll numbers stay as low as they are I can only imagine one scenario for victory: his supporters will barely top those of the other candidates due to splitting of the majority of the votes between Giuliani, Thompson and Romney. This is also unlikely, but here's hoping.