Oct 18, 2007

A Ron Paul Cabinet

Laura at RedStateEcclectic been taking VP nominations. But I've been thinking about this lately and thought I'd just make a list of my cabinet position and department head picks.

I was inspired by a recent article at Lew Rockwell by Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski.

  • Secretary of the Treasury: Franklin Sanders
  • Director of the General Accounting Office: Karen DeCoster
  • Secretary of Defense: Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski
  • Secretary of Commerce: Walter Williams
  • Attorney General: Bob Barr
  • Secretary of State: Lew Rockwell
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs: John McCain
Since that is the extent of what the entire cabinet should look like, that's all I'll suggest.

The rest, Homeland Security, Housing and Development, Education, Homeland Security etc should be abolished, I think it would be good to leave their department heads vacant.

Actually, I might consider John Taylor Gotto as head of Department of Education if for nothing else but to make a bunch of department documents available to the public to see what a sham federal interventions in educations have been.


Chris said...

How about Andrew Napolitano for Attorney General and Stephen Colbert for Press Sec. No, but seriously 'The Judge' would be AWESOME!

al the trucker said...

Vice President- Mark Sanford
Chief of Staff- John Stossel
Secretary of Treasury- James Grant
Deputy Secretary of Defense- Robert Pape
Director of National Intelligence- Michael Scheuer
National Drug Control- Mike Gravel :)

al the trucker said...

Press Secretary- Tucker Carlson

al the trucker said...

O.K. This is the next step up

Vice President- Mark Sanford or Walter Jones
Chief of Staff- Lew Rockwell
Secretary of State- Lt. Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski
Secretary of Defense- Paul D. Eaton
Deputy Secretary of Defense- Robert Pape
Secretary of Treasury- James Grant
Secretary of the Interior- Walter Williams
Director of National Intelligence- Michael Scheuer
Secretary of Veterans Affairs- John McCain
Director of the Office of Management and Budget- Karen DeCoster
Attorney General- Andrew Napolitano
Press Secretary- John Stossel/ Tucker Carlson

Social Security Administration- Mike Gravel
National Drug Control- Mike Ruppert
Homeland Security- Tom Tancredo
Energy- Michael Badnarik
Education- Kevin Chavous
EPA- Ralph Nader
Transportation- me :0)
Secretary of Commerce- William Grieder

Don said...

Comptroller General David Walker of GAO deserves a place somewhere... or just keep him in GAO but actually LISTEN TO THE GUY!