Nov 3, 2013

A Poet Runs Through It - Rick Fisk

Forgive my punny fun
err I do not claim to be a priest
or butchy nun who soundly strikes
your wrist; trangressions won

Soundly trounced the tears do roll
down rosy cheeks from eyes of coal
bitter the taste bitten tongues
will not console

One heart broken in
the blood sweet in spirit
irony in taste from ancient, secret sin
or perhaps its just the gin

Emotion flows forth with rhyme
the arrow pierced aft and
shy the target's center spline
"amiss" the plaintive archer's whine

Afar, yon and away
turmoil, din, decay
foreswear comity's display, touche
mephistipholes toupe

Fake hair on devil's brow
combover's fashion befitting nothing
nobody not even ewe
looks trump your purse of sow

Devolve you verse of jest
to wicket scenes of mirth
haughtier brains may soon digest
lunch, belch, salami guessed

"Stop!" Cry more serious in art
with critic's eye warring, warding
"Offal," they accuse but compelled
am I, the horse will die

Whinny you symbol, crash
beneath my blows
Pegasus wouldn't lie down so easily
with G.I. sloppy joes or missile toes

Sometimes pane must yield to laughter
condensation stains its glass with 
tears and it wants to shatter so fragile
is the heart rain batters

Nov 2, 2013

What's up with Rick? Statement from his Family

Even though it has been almost four months since this happened, many of Rick's friends are still unaware of the situation.

I (his sister, missy [melissa bee on facebook]) am in California, our mother is in Oregon, our father is in Arizona, and Rick is in Texas. There is no instruction book for this. It's the kind of thing you think only happens to other people.

Sexual allegations in divorce, involving the minor children of estranged parents, are becoming the weapon of choice in bitter divorce and custody battles across the nation. Rick is a victim of false allegations, and has been in custody since 7/12/2013. While there is no shame in Rick's situation, we do have to be very careful about what is shared publicly to ensure the investigation is not compromised.

We can say that as a family, although we are heart broken, we are also united in our love, support, and absolute unwavering certainty that Rick is innocent. It has been a very unwelcome education in how easily innocent lives can be ruined, and how often it happens. 

Rick is doing his best to stay positive, and is deeply grateful for the support of his friends. 

This will be a long and expensive fight. We are prepared, we're trying to ride it out as best we can, and that's why we need your help. How you can help:

  • Donate (see and share button on the right). Please consider contributing whatever amount you're able, to give him an opportunity to prove his innocence. Every. Dollar. Helps.
  • "Like" the facebook page Rick Fisk Legal Defense Fund
  • If you are friends with Rick on facebook, you can find updates there
  • Send letters, cards, books (please no sad books):

Rick Fisk #1330099
3614 Bill Price Rd.
Del Valle, TX 78617-3630 

* Mail that includes the following will be rejected (Rick will be charged for return postage):
  • Literature not received directly from U.S. publisher, bookstore, or church.  Return address must have a store hand stamp. Store must be listed with U.S. Directory assistance.
  • Copies/clippings from magazines/books/newspapers, internet downloads/printouts
  • Excessive books/literature, allowed 2 books and 2 magazines in a shipment
  • Hardback books
  • paper, envelopes, postage stamps, pens, pencils, labels, mailing supplies, journal, sketch pad (no stationary items)

Jul 11, 2013

Help My Friend Save Her Memories

I have a friend in California who is a big Ron Paul supporter. She did not ask for my help but when I found out her plight I had to try and figure out a way to help.
One year ago I left an abusive relationship.. verbally emotionally and monetary. When I left I put everything my son and I own into storage minus one suitcase. My whole house. 20 years of memories.

Well now I'm getting back on my feet but I was unable for a time to pay the fees. You see in the interim, my company also shut down. If I don't come up with $3000 dollars in the next 10 days my stuff is set for auction. I can make the payments now but they want full payment. I just can't lose everything. Not when I've tried so hard to fix things. My son's piano is there. His baby pics. Everything.

I suggested to her that we set something up so that other supporters could chip in small amounts and we could get those baby pictures back and other personal belongings. Will you help her? Anything you can muster would be terrific. As soon as we can raise the 3k, the donations will be closed.

Thank you!

Feb 18, 2013

The Obama Assasination Debate

Obama keeps murdering children with drones in Afghanistan, Sudan and Pakistan. When some dipshit Obama supporter claims there's nothing to worry about, "He's not going to force you to gay marry an illegal alien after taking your guns", I point out that Obama ordered the murder of a 16 year old boy who was born in Denver. He did this not because any crime was committed but because the boy's father said that Muslims should resist the US government's attempts to enslave them.

So, regardless of Obama's stance on gun control or gay marriage, or the dipshit I'm debating, Obama's got no problems assassinating Americans with whom he disagrees.

Then I point out this must be why the person I am debating doesn't publicly say anything in opposition to Obama's murder policy. It's understandable why they wouldn't. They must be either afraid or they support murdering people with whom they disagree. Then I point out that I feel compelled to speak out about this even if I may one day become a target. Then I point out that they live near me and they may want to move away from my town. They will be doing us both a favor. I won't have their death on my conscience, and they can live as a spineless sycophant a little while longer.....until there is a Republican President who has a keen eye for such power. And then where would they move? Canada? We've already set the precedent of ignoring the sovereignty of other nations.

The difference between the dipshit and I, generally, is that if a Republican were to gain the Presidency, I would still speak out against assassination in all cases.