Apr 29, 2008

Company Announcement

The company I co-founded, DriveBuy Technologies, announced an integration between Top Producer, the Real Estate Industry's #1 CRM system. This allows leads collected from our text messaging service to be imported into the agent's Top Producer account in real time as the consumers request information.

Apr 21, 2008

No Country For Free Men

I have a new one up at Lews. The whole FLDS raid was a mess.

Apr 20, 2008

Best Bumper Sticker Ever.

"Warring for Democracy is like Raping for Virginity"....

Apr 3, 2008

Ron Paul supporters take over South Dakota

South Dakota sends a full slate of Ron Paul delegates to the National Convention. Gosh...I don't think this thing is over by any stretch of the old imagination.

Apr 2, 2008

It wasn't just Missouri

Here in Texas, Ron Paul supporters have wrestled away the GOP from the old country-club neoconservatives who love to put party over principle every chance they get.

This horrified one long-time activist and GOP member so much she said, in an email to her neoconservative friends, "This group is NOT Republican and they will not work together — remember this when you do have to be in contact with them."


Just remember folks, the nominee is chosen at the convention, not in the primaries. John McCain is not the "presumptive nominee" unless you are a member of the Old Media.