Jul 11, 2013

Help My Friend Save Her Memories

I have a friend in California who is a big Ron Paul supporter. She did not ask for my help but when I found out her plight I had to try and figure out a way to help.
One year ago I left an abusive relationship.. verbally emotionally and monetary. When I left I put everything my son and I own into storage minus one suitcase. My whole house. 20 years of memories.

Well now I'm getting back on my feet but I was unable for a time to pay the fees. You see in the interim, my company also shut down. If I don't come up with $3000 dollars in the next 10 days my stuff is set for auction. I can make the payments now but they want full payment. I just can't lose everything. Not when I've tried so hard to fix things. My son's piano is there. His baby pics. Everything.

I suggested to her that we set something up so that other supporters could chip in small amounts and we could get those baby pictures back and other personal belongings. Will you help her? Anything you can muster would be terrific. As soon as we can raise the 3k, the donations will be closed.

Thank you!