Sep 30, 2007

My Latest at Lew Rockwell

Misunderestimating Ron Paul's Support.

Pre-emptive war: An invention of Hitler

So says Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Preventive war was an invention of Hitler. Frankly, I would not even listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing.

The neoconservatives are batting .1000. (Thanks to Lew Rockwell via Penny Langford-Freeman).

Sep 29, 2007

Ron Paul Switch Parody

The campaign should use this. It's terrific.

One Million and Counting

Eat that, Neocons.


First this piece from the San Diego Tribune about Generals coming out against the Iraq war, some who have even chosen to end their careers so that they can freely do so.

“The ethos is: Give your advice to those in a position to make changes, not the media,” said Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, now retired. “But this administration is immune to good advice.”
On September 6, the media reported that nuclear weapons were "mistakenly" loaded onto a b-52 and flown across the country. According to the Times of London:
A squadron commander in charge of the warheads, each of which has up to ten times the destructive power of the Hiroshima atom bomb, has been relieved of his duties while crews responsible for the error have been banned from handling munitions.
Maybe there is more than meets the eye here. Why in the world would this even make the news? To scare the public into thinking that our nuclear arsenal isn't safe? To scare Iran? Nukes do not get loaded onto B-52's by mistake.

World Content News is reporting that these nukes were on their way to the ME and were supposed to be launched in a coordinated fashion with Israel's attack on Syria. Some military officials have blown the whistle which seriously calls Bush's military leadership into question.

Although the Air Force tried to keep the B-52 nuclear incident from the media, anonymous Air Force personnel leaked the story to Military Times on September 5, the day before the Israelis attacked the alleged nuclear installation in Syria and the day planned for the simultaneous U.S. attack on Iran. The leaking of classified information on U.S. nuclear weapons disposition or movement to the media, is, itself, unprecedented. Air Force regulations require the sending of classified BEELINE reports to higher Air Force authorities on the disclosure of classified Air Force information to the media.

In another highly unusual move, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has asked an outside inquiry board to look into BENT SPEAR, even before the Air Force has completed its own investigation, a virtual vote of no confidence in the official investigation being conducted by Major General Douglas Raaberg, chief of air and space operations at the Air Combat Command.

Perhaps there are still some patriots at high levels in the military after all.

Then there's this from the Sierra Times:

Indeed, by the time Kathy Harris replied to her son's e-mail, several other military families had received desperate phone calls from their loved ones in Iraq. There had been some sort of mutiny, it was clear. The details were sketchy, but it appeared that the platoon had refused to deliver a load of fuel to Taji, Iraq, because the soldiers believed their lives were at serious and unnecessary risk. According to the family members' accounts, they were detained at gunpoint by soldiers for more than a day.

Sep 28, 2007

What are the odds?

I just happened to walk into my home office after dinner and my browser was open to the Ron Paul official campaign site. I was able to get a screen shot about 1 or 2 seconds before the total updated. Wow. Look at the total. Not because it's a big number. It's all 7's. $777,777.77.

Sep 27, 2007

That Backward Islamic Nation: Iran

This slide show is a must see. It doesn't portray the Iran we're constantly told of by the neoconservative government advertising agencies aka main stream media.

Don't let them do it. They're talking about nuking this country.

Sep 25, 2007

The Ron Paul Campaign is Becoming Deadly Serious

According to Iowa Politics dot com, Ron Paul's new Campaign manager in Iowa is Drew Ivers, who ran Pat Buchanan's Presidential campaign there in 1996 and 2000.
“The other Republican candidates are good men," said Dr. Ivers, "but when it comes to a record of fidelity to the Constitutional principles of “Limited Government”, they are still all students compared to Ron Paul. And with 65-70 percent of Americans polled now opposing the War in Iraq, if the Republicans nominate a pro-war Republican they may just as well hand the White House over to Hillary Clinton."

“I relish the thought of a series of national debates between Mrs. Clinton and Dr. Paul and will be pouring my energy into helping Iowa Republicans see the power of his nomination,” continued Ivers.

This is now a meme. Ron Paul vs Clinton. Get used to it. That's what is going to happen. No other GOP challenger has a shot against Hillary. This campaign is not about some Quixotic attempt to spread a message. It's about winning the Presidency (but first the GOP nomination).

Things are happening. Very good things. The fundraising in the past week has been stunning. The support he's been getting, even on the west coast was better than imagined. Freedom is popular and the timing couldn't be more perfect. At no point in my lifetime has the danger of the United States slipping into a totalitarian nightmare been more apparent. At no time have our young people been asked to carry such a load. Social Security, a trillion in borrowed money to finance an illegal war, a burgeoning police state, a corporate private army (Blackwater) building bases in the US and committing atrocities abroad, the Patriot Act and the threat of a Democratic candidate who will raise taxes, impose upon us a draconian health care plan that would have made Mussolini proud all the while continuing US intervention abroad. On top of this, a sinking dollar and an unconstitutional Federal Reserve that consistently inflates the dollar to prop up an economy ruined by a bloated Federal government.

One man steps up and says, "Maybe, just maybe, there is a better way for us to handle our problems. Maybe we should try adhering to the Constitution and respecting the liberties of humans everywhere."

That dog will hunt.

The Front Runner Is Ron Paul

280,000 dollars in 24 hours. All individual donations. The rest of the GOP candidates have to be in awe. I am and I'm not even a candidate...

I suspect that the magic number of 10 million will be reached this quarter. The 280,000 that Ron Paul has raised in the past 24 hours is almost half of what he raised in the entire first quarter of his campaign.

Sep 24, 2007

A Fat Pig Calls Ron Paul Supporters Hitler Youth and Fat Pigs.

Tom Roeser writes a stunningly transparent hit piece on Ron Paul of which even Eric Dondero might blush.

A "similar" article was carried in the Chicago Observer says the sub heading.

Why do I go into this ancient history? Because the role of Sen. Taft was and is at great variance with that of Rep. Ron Paul whose demagogic phraseology appeals not to conservatives-but, apparently if Saturday’s meeting was any indication-to a sweaty group of boisterous, screaming, jumping up and down in place, obese youth (obviously from hours spent huddled before computers), shaggy, unkempt, hirsute, noisy, obstreperous, rambunctious and raucous. And that’s before we consider the male contingent.

Why the great interest in this element of youth for a 72-year-old man who, were he to be improbably elected, would be easily the oldest president at 73 and 77 when he would complete his first term? A candidate who touts congressional term limits but who has served nine terms already and under unique Texas law will be running for reelection while he runs for president either as a Republican or nominee of the Libertarian party?

The answer is clear. The message that this candidate brings in one of self-indulgence, ideally suited for the mob he addressed.

Take a look at the picture of Tom Roeser at the link above and tell me who is self-indulgent? If he's under 350 I'd be very surprised. Interestingly enough he goes into detail about Robert Taft's foreign policy and claims that Ron Paul's foreign policy is nothing like it. In spite of the fact that Ron Paul wants us out of the U.N, out of NATO and both he and Taft have said that Korea and WWII were probably not justified though at least in WWII Congress lived up to its responsibility, Paul and Taft are nothing alike.

It would be sad if Mr. Roeser weren't such a hypocrite and a big fibber to boot. It's actually quite funny and I'm not sure he realizes how badly he's discredited himself. I am assuming he doesn't believe anyone who reads his articles is smart enough to know that he's not telling the truth.

Sep 22, 2007 could grow on me...

If they really had run this ad. The NY Times never would allow it though.

Sep 21, 2007

They Live to Run (Your Life)

Lew's publishing another one of mine. Thanks to James Ostrowski who blogged something that gave me the inspiration to write this rant.
Contrary to the Benny Hinn of Republican Politics, Newt Gingrich, you bring "all your good ideas" first. Then the money comes. Ron Paul's candidacy will prove historic. Newt Gingrich's will prove a flop and about as spendthrift as John McCain’s and Mitt Romney’s campaigns have been. This is because neither Newt nor the rest of the Ron Paul challengers understand the power and attraction of freedom. Perhaps they do, but they certainly wouldn't want to go around promising any of that. How could they run your life if you were free?

Values Voters Debate

Another piece I've written for Lew Rockwell is up today re: the AFA's "Values Voters" debate.
Ron Paul is not Jesus but his message is closer to what Jesus said than anyone who shared the stage with him that evening. Government should be as small as possible in order that it be the least intrusive on our lives. People are capable of following moral laws without government interference. In fact, they are more likely to be moral without government's corruptive influence. But this is something that values voters do not appear capable of understanding.

Five Brothers

Slate made a pretty funny campaign ad for Mitt Romney.

Sep 18, 2007

NH State representative Paul Ingbretson Endorses Ron Paul for President

The press release is here.

Money quote:

"Congressman Ron Paul understands, like no presidential candidate in recent history, that the central purpose of government in America is to secure the liberty of her citizens," said Representative Ingbretson. "He has the unbelievable integrity and guts to speak out and vote the liberty agenda of the Founding Fathers-not once, or occasionally, but every time. Never in my lifetime have I seen anyone running for president so oriented and in these days of Patriot Act madness I endorse his candidacy unequivocally."

Sep 16, 2007

How To Save Millions from Murderous Despots: Impeach

Despite a political backlash that has turned over the Congress to the Democratic Party, the Bush Administration has continued to escalate aggression in the Middle East with its so-called “surge”; resulting in the second bloodiest August on record since the latest Iraq war began.

William Kristol returned from Iraq with glowing reviews of the surge. We are learning that his account can’t be trusted, but this really isn’t of concern to Kristol or the Bush Administration. The important thing is to keep moving along with the plan. Minor setbacks such as increased numbers of dead soldiers, dead civilians and negative public sentiment can be ignored. Really, what is anyone going to do about it? Even after the public took Congress out of Republican hands, nothing has been done to stop this Administration’s quest for blood. The Democrats folded like a bad hand even though they had nothing to lose politically by standing up to Bush. Therefore, Bush and Cheney just keep marching forward with impunity. With Billy Kristol to re-write history for you, who cares about public opinion? It is irrelevant. They have the power now and will use every ounce available.

Two weeks ago, Bush played energizer bunny, beating the war drum for a few measures, while speaking to the American Legion.

"Iran's active pursuit of technology that could lead to nuclear weapons threatens to put a region already known for instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust. “
The impression given is that we are headed toward a new conflict which, Iran could avoid. It isn’t true. Military operations have already been initiated in Iran. Watching Wolfe Blitzer carry water for the Bush Administration when he is told that there are many sources suggesting this is the case, should tell you all you need to know about mainstream media intentions.

If Iraq is a quagmire and badly run, then Iran doesn’t promise to be any better. Actually, that’s a gross understatement. Israel and the neoconservative punditry in the U.S. have been pushing for a nuclear strike against Iran. William Kristol and his band of never-served-in- the-military chicken hawks may not have the credibility of an E.F. Hutton, but the Bush Administration would appear to be listening nonetheless. That the Administration still heeds the advice of utterly discredited advisors is a terrible indictment on its judgment. But as Bush has already noted, “Fool me. You can’t get fooled again.”

In fact, if Bush doesn’t order the bombing of Iran, and it is quite obvious that he will, then Rudy Giuliani, whose foreign policy advisor is Norman Podhoretz, will probably do it himself, if elected (a BIG if).

In any case, Podhoretz said to me, he believes that George W. Bush will settle the matter himself, by bombing Iran before he leaves office. “I’m probably the only person on the face of the earth who thinks that Bush will order air strikes,” Podhoretz says. “But we’ll find out. If Bush doesn’t kick the can down the road, then the issue becomes moot, obviously. But if he fails to do what I think he will do, Rudy seems to me to be the best bet for doing what is necessary.”
As an aside, that statement by Podhoretz shows just how morally bankrupt is the typical neoconservative. The extermination of thousands is like “kicking the can down the road”. The hillbilly reference is apropos of the neocon mindset: Yee Haw!

Depending on the methods used - tactical nuclear weapons vs. ‘bunker busters’ - the loss of life could reach beyond a million innocent Iranians who are caught in the middle and have no options. Even if they were to rise up and change the regime in Iran themselves, they would still be made to suffer. This Administration has shown that it has absolutely no moral compass and cannot be swayed from its murderous path even when it could (and should) mean the end of their own political careers, and anyone associated with them.

Because it is obvious that they have no intention of moderating their designs in the Middle East and plan on murdering hundreds of thousands beyond the number of civilians already killed, there is only one option left to stop them: impeachment. Both Bush and Cheney have proven by their actions that they are unfit to serve.

Some may argue that this would only advance the timetable, but doing nothing will ensure that they continue on that can-littered road unopposed. Doing nothing promises to ruin U.S. credibility abroad (if it still has any) and make it impossible for any individual American to travel safely beyond U.S. borders.

But there are other reasons besides the lies told to justify invasion of Iraq and Iran to impeach this President and Vice President. The unprecedented use of private armies in Iraq – accounts put this at close to 160,000 “contractors” – is not limited to actions overseas. Blackwater has applied for permits to build a private air force base in every coastal state on the continent; besides the military base they have already built in San Diego, California. They already own a significant number of military helicopters and are now buying light fighter planes developed for training and counter-insurgency duty.

The planes only have a range of 3000 miles, not nearly enough to reach overseas without a significant air-refueling capacity or the use of aircraft carriers. As conspiratorial as it may sound, the intent cannot be to use these planes anywhere but domestically.

Back in 1993, when the neoconservative movement came to be influential amongst Republicans, there were plenty of rumors and executive orders that led some commentators to believe that Clinton wouldn’t leave office and would suspend elections. The neoconservatives enticed fiscal conservatives with the “Contract with America” rhetoric while scaring that portion of the Christian conservative movement looking for an Antichrist in every Democrat.

However, once the Republicans came to power, they didn’t do anything to reverse the trend toward an unaccountable, secretive Executive which created new powers for itself by the issuance of executive orders. Stroke of the pen, law of the land” was a coveted power as evidenced by Bush’s novel “signing statements” and executive orders which re-define the way government continuity” is preserved during times of emergency.

Impeachment cannot come soon enough. If the U.S. electorate is not concerned with the actions of its own domestic terrorists in Washington D.C., then it could at least show some pity on the innocent people of Iraq and Iran who did nothing to invite U.S. bombings and invasions.

Unfortunately for those of us living in neoconservative hell (and we are enjoying a cakewalk as compared to civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq) the Democratic alternatives are following the script to the letter. None, except Kucinich, Gravel and Obama to a small degree, are willing to veer from the neoconservative talking points. This is no problem for neoconservative gatekeepers. They don’t have any political ideology or allegiances other than “re-make the geopolitical maps to our liking.” They would support the Socialist Party candidate if that candidate agreed to follow their plans and had a chance of winning the general election. To put it bluntly, they are pimps. The Political affiliation of their whore is not important.

The same Democrats, who are wringing their hands over the situation in Darfur, are by and large taking their political cues from pundits who believe and say out loud thatethnic cleansing works”. Of course, this makes it abundantly clear that impeachment will be resisted by neocon Democrats as much, if not more, than neocon Republicans.

On the other hand, the Amnesty bill was once a foregone conclusion. Chalk one up for The People. Senate members were stunned at the backlash it created. Not only did reaction to that bill shock Republicans and Democrats into dropping it quickly, John McCain’s candidacy was destroyed. His performances in Republican contests since should have given him all the incentive necessary to withdraw.

Of course, a Ron Paul Presidency would be a wonderful reversal, and by all reckoning, has a legitimate chance of becoming reality if momentum continues at its current pace. It can’t come soon enough though. Only impeachment, quickly done, can save the Iranians from mass slaughter at the hands of people who view them as nothing more than refuse; tin cans along the highway of ‘realpolitik’.

Sep 5, 2007

Ron Paul wins another Straw Poll

In Maryland.

Paul received 263 votes, Giulliani, 230.