Sep 25, 2007

The Ron Paul Campaign is Becoming Deadly Serious

According to Iowa Politics dot com, Ron Paul's new Campaign manager in Iowa is Drew Ivers, who ran Pat Buchanan's Presidential campaign there in 1996 and 2000.
“The other Republican candidates are good men," said Dr. Ivers, "but when it comes to a record of fidelity to the Constitutional principles of “Limited Government”, they are still all students compared to Ron Paul. And with 65-70 percent of Americans polled now opposing the War in Iraq, if the Republicans nominate a pro-war Republican they may just as well hand the White House over to Hillary Clinton."

“I relish the thought of a series of national debates between Mrs. Clinton and Dr. Paul and will be pouring my energy into helping Iowa Republicans see the power of his nomination,” continued Ivers.

This is now a meme. Ron Paul vs Clinton. Get used to it. That's what is going to happen. No other GOP challenger has a shot against Hillary. This campaign is not about some Quixotic attempt to spread a message. It's about winning the Presidency (but first the GOP nomination).

Things are happening. Very good things. The fundraising in the past week has been stunning. The support he's been getting, even on the west coast was better than imagined. Freedom is popular and the timing couldn't be more perfect. At no point in my lifetime has the danger of the United States slipping into a totalitarian nightmare been more apparent. At no time have our young people been asked to carry such a load. Social Security, a trillion in borrowed money to finance an illegal war, a burgeoning police state, a corporate private army (Blackwater) building bases in the US and committing atrocities abroad, the Patriot Act and the threat of a Democratic candidate who will raise taxes, impose upon us a draconian health care plan that would have made Mussolini proud all the while continuing US intervention abroad. On top of this, a sinking dollar and an unconstitutional Federal Reserve that consistently inflates the dollar to prop up an economy ruined by a bloated Federal government.

One man steps up and says, "Maybe, just maybe, there is a better way for us to handle our problems. Maybe we should try adhering to the Constitution and respecting the liberties of humans everywhere."

That dog will hunt.


Anonymous said...

God help this country. We need this man of PROVEN CHARACTER, who, unlike all other politicos, has shown that he will stand up for what is constitutional "though the heavens may fall." RON PAUL is the only one who can speak for me. The only one. The rest are so sold out to money and power they don't even know they are destroying the very foundation -- this country's prosperity -- on which they hope to stand.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Paul is the smartest man running for President.

If you dont vote for him.. imagine the bumper stickers after the election..

'I voted for Ron Paul and you voted for the same sh*t'

Anonymous said...

Congressman Ron Paul is the american peoples candidate and definitely is the only one who can defeat Hillary. Ron Paul in 2008!