Sep 24, 2007

A Fat Pig Calls Ron Paul Supporters Hitler Youth and Fat Pigs.

Tom Roeser writes a stunningly transparent hit piece on Ron Paul of which even Eric Dondero might blush.

A "similar" article was carried in the Chicago Observer says the sub heading.

Why do I go into this ancient history? Because the role of Sen. Taft was and is at great variance with that of Rep. Ron Paul whose demagogic phraseology appeals not to conservatives-but, apparently if Saturday’s meeting was any indication-to a sweaty group of boisterous, screaming, jumping up and down in place, obese youth (obviously from hours spent huddled before computers), shaggy, unkempt, hirsute, noisy, obstreperous, rambunctious and raucous. And that’s before we consider the male contingent.

Why the great interest in this element of youth for a 72-year-old man who, were he to be improbably elected, would be easily the oldest president at 73 and 77 when he would complete his first term? A candidate who touts congressional term limits but who has served nine terms already and under unique Texas law will be running for reelection while he runs for president either as a Republican or nominee of the Libertarian party?

The answer is clear. The message that this candidate brings in one of self-indulgence, ideally suited for the mob he addressed.

Take a look at the picture of Tom Roeser at the link above and tell me who is self-indulgent? If he's under 350 I'd be very surprised. Interestingly enough he goes into detail about Robert Taft's foreign policy and claims that Ron Paul's foreign policy is nothing like it. In spite of the fact that Ron Paul wants us out of the U.N, out of NATO and both he and Taft have said that Korea and WWII were probably not justified though at least in WWII Congress lived up to its responsibility, Paul and Taft are nothing alike.

It would be sad if Mr. Roeser weren't such a hypocrite and a big fibber to boot. It's actually quite funny and I'm not sure he realizes how badly he's discredited himself. I am assuming he doesn't believe anyone who reads his articles is smart enough to know that he's not telling the truth.


The Freedom Fellowship said...

I believe I sat next to Tom during the rally. I responded to his hit piece and I hope to hear back from him. People like Tom deserve to come face to face with the truth about what's happening to America. To equate the Chicago rally to a Hitler Youth rally is beyond the pale. Sick and apauling.

mickrussom said...

We are sick of the wars. We are sick of the 9 trillion in debt. We are sick of the inflation, M3 at 12.25 trillion, we are sick of the 850 billion trade deficit. We are sick of paying for hospitals, prisons and schools for illegals, we are sick of the government stealing our money to do these things. RON PAUL! Take this country back to give to the people!

Ron is the only candidate that even makes sense. The rest of the GOP candidates are authoritarian gun grabbing tax and spend hacks.

Eric Dondero said...

Funny you ignore the guy's criticism of Paul on term limits hypocrisy.

Ron Paul was one of the earliest and most vociferous supporters of term limits in the 1980s.

When he ran in 1996, in an election in which I served as his Campaign Coordinator, he supported term limits again.

Then, USTL faxes him a term limits pledge to sign. He balked.

Now he's going into his 16th term in Congress.

Hypocrisy? You decide.

Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

Rick Fisk said...

Actually, Eric, the term-limits issue is a red-herring. Just like your candidate.

I ignored his criticism on term-limits because he's an obese, bloviating neoconservative who thinks that smearing Ron Paul's supporters is relevant to a political discussion.

Lee Shelton said...

Let's talk hypocrisy, Eric. For someone who likes to demonize Ron Paul and his supporters, you certainly try to get as much mileage as you can from the whole "former senior aide" thing. It's almost as if you're proud of having worked for Ron "Adolf Hitler" Paul.