Oct 13, 2007

Austin Walk for Ron Paul

I brought my oldest daughter and a couple of signs to the Austin Ron Paul walk today. What a blast. The guy carrying the flag is an Iraq veteran stationed at Fort Hood up near Waco. He drives 2 hours down to Austin to all of our events. I don't think I've been to an event where he wasn't in attendance.

Today, he led the walk and waved that flag for almost two hours as we left the Capitol building, went down Congress to the Congress street bridge and then snaked around City Hall, over to the Governor's mansion and back to the Capitol steps.

There was a great deal of honking and cheering from passers-by on foot and in cars. It was thrilling. We plan on doing this once a month. Today the official count was 193 but we picked up a few along the way. One of the marchers had a sign that said "Park your car and join us!"

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