Oct 3, 2007

The Missing Nukes

The story should be very important. This fellow has one of the most cogent and well written articles I've seen on the subject. He thinks a nuke may have been stolen during that bizarre incident.

If a nuke goes off here in the US. I can tell you right now won't have come from some third world Islamic nation. I say that in spite of the story I've linked. This government cannot be trusted. Gulf of Tonkin was a complete fabrication. Pearl Harbor was manipulated.

[Update: It keeps getting wierder, an airman at Minot, where the nukes ended up, died while on leave. He was part of the security force squadron.


Thane Eichenauer said...

The statement that government cannot be trusted is a near truism. I'll just put in my bid for everyone to keep in mind that people do die of unrelated causes and that just because there might be a connection doesn't mean there is a connection.

Rick Fisk said...

Right you are. It doesn't mean that the two events were related.

The most important issue is the accounting of the nukes, nobody is asking and there is no information being given to clarify.