Dec 18, 2007

Glen Beck Interview with Dr. Paul is Up!

Wow. I'm not a fan of Glen Beck. His hysterics regarding terrorism have been a consistent reason for me to turn him off whenever I've caught him on the radio. I don't have television so I've never seen his TV programs but WOAI out of San Antonio carried his radio show for a long time.

However, I think that Beck is ambitious and is one of the few media personalities who has recognized that the revolution is a seriously large and powerful demographic. After watching this, I'm convinced he's getting on board.

Thanks to Students for Ron Paul for getting this up so quickly.

I think that Beck wants it both ways judging by certain segments of the interview but thought better of it because he didn't get a fight. He really tried to play the guilt by association card, but I believe the man has a conscience and realized that it just wasn't going to look good for him if he kept pushing it. So, the net effect is that Dr. Paul got about 35 minutes to answer questions in-depth.

We'll see how Beck treats this going forward but he has already shown he doesn't want to anger Ron Paul's supporters.

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