Dec 10, 2007

Robert Ringer: Voice of Tyranny

Where does Joe Farrah find such idiots?
By square one, I am referring to the great paradox that few Americans are willing to face up to: In order to preserve freedom, some freedoms must be restricted.

Bob is convinced that every Muslim is going to kill us. The level of his hysteria would be hard to match even though he tries to voice his opinion as one who truly cares about freedoms. As in, I really care about your freedoms but you better just give them up because, "when someone points a gun at you and says he's going to kill you, you don't have time to engage in an intellectual dialog about free speech and civil rights. The first order of business is to kill the guy with the gun in his hand."

His logic doesn't get any better. I wonder if he would also have us all disarm as well. But his logic, and the logic of all the warmongering neocons is this:

Give up your rights, or die.

Now, it's pretty funny. The most fundamental right, is our right to life. So by giving up that right, you die. If you give up your rights, you die. That is why the founding fathers, and they weren't that original actually (see: Magna Charta), believed that the ownership of firearms was paramount to freedom.

Bob Ringer has it wrong as do the rest of his carpet-bagging, neoconservative brethren. Live Free, or die. If we alllow ourselves to be swayed by such illogic as his, then we don't deserve to be free anyway.

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