Dec 8, 2007

Help! My Ron Paul Revolution Song needs Video

I can make music, but I am clueless when it comes to making video. I recently wrote and produced a Ron Paul revolution song and would love to see it put to video. If you are a person who can do this, I encourage you to download the song (located here and use this as the soundtrack.

The song is titled "I'm Alive". "I'm Alive" can refer to a lot of things but mainly it refers to "the remnant" of freedom advocates once believed to be all but dead until the Ron Paul revolution began. Non Serviam over at Ron Paul Radio has been playing this song daily on Ron Paul Radio. He is responsible for the mastering.

Shoot me a link if you decide to pick this up. And, for what it's worth, I don't have a huge readership here. About 1k visitors a month, so I'd be much obliged if you pass this around.

[UPDATE: Somebody suggested I checkout podsafe. Much cooler than Garage Band I think and gives me the ability to embed the player like youtube.


Triple Hash said...


Have you ever thought of putting your music up on Podshow? It is run by Adam Curry who produces a near daily podcast called The Daily Source Code. He too is a big RP supporter and probably would play your song since he is into your genre. You probably need to get it up on Podshow first.


Rick Fisk said...

Thanks for the tip. I went ahead and registered and uploaded the song.