Dec 5, 2007

Hillary's Economic Cluelessness

I mean....really. On CNBC(HT Lew Rockwell) she gives her plan to bail out the poor, poor people who were "lured in" by apparently unscrupulous lenders. Her plan would freeze interest rates (confiscate property of the lenders) for 5 years.

The the interviewer's credit, she asked some very pertinent questions which leads me to the conclusion that Hillary hasn't got a clue. She called the Federal Reserve an "independent body" of which she would not be comfortable dictating a strategy. She either doesn't realize that it was the Fed's horrible monetary policies which created this crisis, or does and sees it as an opportunity to further control the market.

Actually, both are probably true. She views any crisis as an opportunity to send more jack-booted thugs out into our streets to dictate what happens to us.

When asked where the billions of dollars would originate to finance her plans, she glibly responded, "it comes from where it comes: the budget."

If that isn't the most vacuous and condescending (to the people who are being robbed)response ever ......ooooohhh I can't even finish this sentence properly it makes me so mad.

Couple that with some info that Laura posted today about the Fed allowing banks to get discount loans directly from the Fed, and you have all you need to know about these corrupt thieves who allegedly represent us.

Go Ron Paul Go....

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Randolphus Maximus said...

I can't believe Hillary is the Dem's frontrunner. But, is there any conceivable way that Hillary can win in a general election with the political baggage that she has, the economic illiteracy she has, and her brazen lust for power for power's sake? 50/50 chance that she has a meltdown somewhere along the campaign trail, and it's youtubed for perpetuity. There's a 20 percent chance Bill is behind it. lol