Dec 11, 2008

Ron Paul is a Non-Starter

The GOP "leadership" is trying to regroup. But, at least according to what I'm seeing by posts to the twitter #TCOT group, they are still in major denial as to why they lost.

I had one #TCOT member tweet to me that Ron Paul was a non-starter. I have news for the phony conservatives who continue to suck up top celebrity rather than ideology: you are going to have to deal with us Ron Paul supporters.

Today, via one of the meetup groups I follow I received a wonderful post about RP supporters in Arizona.

Just wanted to let you all know that I was just elected treasurer in our district! Also, I was elected to State Committee! We had 9 people from our RP/Liberty group that were elected to State Committee!

We had about 30-33 people show up for voting out of 113 (I think) total---for district elections. There was an official slate presented and the RP "leader" drafted our proposed slate.

This was a surprise to the 'old guard'/insiders. The standing representative from our district stood up and scolded us for our lack of inclusion of all his ppl.... and named ppl that should have been elected. Well, he ranted so much that it did him a disservice! Our 'leader' was given time for rebuttal and she gave a stirring impromptu speech! I think that this is what swayed many people to vote for US! Also, the main thing was that the RP people had actively campaigned for a couple of district candidates and this spoke very loudly that we were there to actively contribute when we could support a candidate!

After her speech, many people came over to speak with her and this was the first time that bridges were formed. With a Dem. in office at the federal level, we can all focus on our common ground with each other. Besides, we have a majority in our state house and senate...and our governor will be Repub. (Napolitano is heading for H.S., which is good for us and BAD for the nation, i'm afraid.)

Our district chair wants to put us all to work, so we see an opportunity to network, educate, and influence!

I am really excited...just wanted to share.

Would love to know what's happening in all of your districts/states!

The Campaign for Liberty is alive and well. People really do crave liberty and the current GOP leadership still wants to defend Guantanamo, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, bailouts etc.

Some of the leadership's antics are almost funny. They are attempting to draft Mike Ditka for the Senate. WTF? When I asked what his "conservative" credentials were, I was told to look at his football accomplishments. In other words, "he doesn't have any, but he's famous!"

That's exactly the same mentality that is destroying the LP.

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