Dec 3, 2008

He was wrong...

The next generation of medical "scientists" ignored the facts and have instead touted vaccination as one of the greatest advances in medical science.

He was not wrong about the absurdity of vaccination. It is a grotesque superstition. Not one major epidemiological study of the past 100 years credits vaccination with significant disease reduction yet it is still "commonly known" to have been effective in eradicating disease.


Allan Stellar said...

What about Polio? Small Pox? Whooping Cough? All horrible diseases nearly eliminated amongst those who got vacinated.

Rick Fisk said...

There is no evidence at all that reduction in those disease rates was caused by vaccination. In fact I am not aware of any major epidemiological study on disease eradication that credits vaccination as having significantly reduced disease rates.

In fact, the record on smallpox is appalling.

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