Dec 3, 2008

Just how scummy are neoconservatives?

Utterly and completely. Murderous pragmatists every one. And they love Obama. Change? Like hell.

Max Boot embracing Obama

David Brooks sucking up to Obama

Bill Kristol endorsing Obama's foreign policy

This isn't to say that merely being happy with Obama makes one scummy. What makes these filthy, lying bastards so scummy is that they are gleeful with Obama because he is validating their horrendous foreign policy in spite of the fact that he positioned himself as one who repudiated their beliefs prior to getting elected.

They not only possess unbridled glee that he has apparently flip-flopped, but that in spite of their complete and utter wrongness, they will still have jobs and can still look as if they have some credibility.

They possess utterly no conscience or ability to recognize their own errors.

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