Jul 4, 2007

Terrific Piece on Ron Paul

Go upstate has this one by Jason Spencer. Go Upstate is the website for the South Carolina Spartanburg Herald Journal. They report the GOP party flaks are once again attempting to prevent Paul from attending official GOP events in S.C.
"I'm not going to extend him an invitation to come here because he has managed to insult and in many ways abuse Republican activists with his strident lingo. When he attacked Bush, that we created 9/11 - that's an absolute lunatic talking," Beltram said.

"I can't put up walls to keep him out, but I don't have to invite him here to a county function."

Paul says that won't stop him.

"It's the control by the political establishment to want to exclude the viewpoints, which many people consider telling the truth, and that's sort of a reflection of people like (Beltram). They don't want to hear it, so the best thing to do is exclude it," he said.

"But there's a limit as to how much they can do to silence us."


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Rick Beltram is upset because Ron Paul attacked the president. One characteristic of Ron Paul is that he almost always challenges the idea rather than attack the person.

Much of the time period of blowback that Paul referred to was outside the time George W. Bush was in office. When Paul mentioned the bombing of Iraq as a factor, I was thinking of bombing during the time Clinton was in office, during the "sanctions".

Ron Paul has introduced a bill that can be the basis for either ending the war or setting it on a proper constitutional footing. Unlike any other similar bill, his bill does not blame the president.

The comparison of ideas make candidates stand apart. It allows Republicans to decide whom to nominate, to select who best represents the party and who is strongest against a Democrat. The comparison of ideas carries with it the potential of disagreeing with others.

I would encourage Rick Beltram to take the high road and not attack the person, but to engage in the debate of ideas.

(Or is he one of those with a chip installed in his head so he sees only what Bush wants him to see.)

Rick Fisk said...

Ron prides himself on not personalizing any issue. I don't think I've ever heard him attack anyone personally.

I wouldn't call what Beltram has in his head a "chip". I think he's just another neocon that doesn't like his sacred cow's gored (not Al).

Rich said...

My letter to Rick Beltram, titled 'This is why I no longer contribute to the Republican Party':
"Mr. Beltram,

I find your opposition to Dr. Ron Paul offensive and ignorant. Dr. Paul is morally and politically correct on all of the issues, and has more honor and integrity than the rest of Congress, or the Republican Party, combined.

I used to contribute financially to the Republican Party many years ago, but I got fed up with so-called Republicans trading our Constitution away.

Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who has a consistent, proven track record of upholding and defending the Constitution. It is shameful that he is alone in this - every government employee has sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but apparently most Republicans nowadays seem to forgotten that Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

Unless the rest of the Republican Party starts upholding and defending the Constitution, the Republicans have no credibility as far as I'm concerned.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

R____ E___

PS to Republican Party: take my name off all your lists."