Jul 8, 2007

Hey There Georgie Boy..(Ron Paul on This Week)

I'd like to give a big thanks to George "Snuffleufagus" Stephanopaulis. Near the end of the interview when Ron Paul defines success as winning - Georgey Boy responds "that aint gonna happen."

Contrary to George's opinion, which was obviously disdainful - his blank stare when Ron Paul suggested freedom is popular was priceless - his attempt to belittle Ron Paul's chances will instead boost them just like poking a stick in a hornets nest will get you stung.

The Main Stream Media (so-called) is now damned if they do, damned if they don't. Every one of these stupid and biased outbursts continues to torpedo their credibility.

The internet is now the main stream and Ron Paul is going to win because and in spite of the establishment media. It's inevitable. Enjoy the interview.


Godwhacker said...

What's inevitable is that network news is a dying entity and jerks like George Streptococcus are hastening its downfall.

Ellis Wyatt said...

As the previous comment notes: The Media Formerly Known As Mainstream.