Jul 11, 2007

Dear Libertarian (Party)

Dear Libertarian (Party),

As a long time libertarian, registered Libertarian and an occasional dues paying member of the LP, I'd like to dedicate this article to you. I'd especially like to reach those members who are feeling left out, or have been looking at recent events with a jealous eye.

I want to remind you that the Presidency is a single office. A plethora of local, state and national offices could potentially be gained if only you will view the current situation as an opportunity rather than a reason to wail at lost momentum.

Let's face it, 300 odd LP office holders is something for which the LP can be proud, but it is a pittance. Yes, the powers that be have, at every turn, attempted to thwart our progress. Tweedledee and Tweedledumber write ballot laws to prevent "Libertarian" from being listed next to "Democrat" and "Republican". They erect quota s to prevent access and they take public money (our taxes!) for their own campaigns while denying it to our candidates (not that they'd necessarily take it).

I have spent many hours dreaming of a time when libertarian ideas could be juxtaposed against the American version of Bolhshaviks and Menshaviks upon a national stage. If only [Harry Browne, Michael Badnarik, Ron Paul, Andre Marou] could have participated in the Presidential debates, we'd win in a landslide! Something like that anyway.

Well, now that has happened. We were right. When a libertarian is allowed a voice against arch-rival statists, the public responds favorably.

The Libertarian Party been hindered by the GOP and DNC resulting in less than stellar results. However, there are no valid excuses for the paltry showing libertarians have thus far achieved.

Ron Paul is an example we should study. While he did take up the Libertarian mantle for the 1988 Presidential bid, he chose a practical route. This route allowed him to build an unmatched libertarian resume by anyone this past 40 years, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian.

The Libertarian Party has not fared as well by avoiding the practical. This isn't to say that the LP and its advocates have not helped to advance the cause of liberty. Far from it. What they haven't done however, is amass resumes, the listed accomplishments of which instill pride and trust.

The LP may have a record it could use to market itself but it has poorly represented that record and has barely even attempted to present it. People are now flocking to Ron Paul because he has a solid, uncompromising, public record. People may disagree with his stands, but they couldn't argue that he hasn't held up the libertarian ideal.

The LP has an opportunity tap into the Ron Paul movement by joining it. In the 20 years that I have been a libertarian, there has never been so opportune a moment, so hot a fire, so young the people joining in order to grasp freedom.

Think of it! And think of the prize. It will be a frustrating prize indeed if won and there are no libertarians in Congress or the Senate. What does anyone expect one man to do? Do you really think that 535 statists will just roll over for a libertarian President? Sure, he will have an army of unelected citizens jamming the phone lines, but that is not nearly enough.

Why couldn't the LP join this movement and support it wholeheartedly? Why can't the LP, which touts itself as a free market advocate, listen to what the market is saying? If it doesn't, then it will spend the next 40 years marking time or perhaps simply withering away.

This could be our year if egos are put aside. Rather than a step backward, it could be a giant leap forward. The LP could learn something from this experience and it could gain some very loyal allies.

The libertarian message is being delivered on a national scale. Those libertarians seeking lesser offices have a great opportunity. Half the Congressional House is up for grabs next year. Look at Congressional approval ratings. Not only are GOP candidates losing their base, but the Democrats have also by their actions squandered what good will they had after the elections. Incumbents misunderestimated Bush's incompetence and put their eggs in his basket back in 2001 (Patriot Act) and again in 2003 (Iraq War) and 2005 (Patriot Act II). They believed electoral support for the war was infinite and didn't even consider that it might evaporate. This year the Democrats plundered themselves even further by failing to defund the war. This last failure is having a very noticeable impact on their constituency.

Democrats who cast their lots with Bush, and there are few who didn't, are as vulnerable as they've been since 1994. Republicans have their loyal following, but it won't be enough to save them in 2008 barring another catastrophe at home.

Anti-war, anti-government candidates will have the most to gain if they can take advantage of this exploding grass roots movement. Come the elections, if the voters recognize candidates as a real alternative, no matter the label next to their name, the results could be quite surprising.

The LP has a real opportunity to begin building resumes. While in public office they could finally deliver what they've promised for over 30 years. Assuming, that is, LP members are not interested more in the party abbreviation next to the candidate than actually working to achieve a government that respects its boundaries.


Tex MacRae said...

Every Congressional race should have someone running as a Ron Paul Democrat or Ron Paul Republican. Or both!

Sean Haugh said...

You misread my article. What you label 'jealousy' is actually an utter rejection of the GOP as a possible vehicle to regain our Liberty.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The barriers to entry are too high if you're not a Rep or Dem. Getting Ron Paul elected Preident is a priority. Once the public not only sees, but feels the benefit of a well run office, they will want more. They will demand the same at the federal as well as local levels. Just being a Rep or Dem will no longer be good enough. Yet, for that to happen we need to unite under one common cause to turn a fire into a firestorm. The fire right now is Ron Paul. I'm supporting him! He's got my vote!

Rick Fisk said...

Sean, I didn't misread your article at all. You are more worried about the LP's coffers being neglected then actually doing things to grow the LP.

And you said so several times.

Ron Paul has done more for libertarian ideas in action and deed than anyone at the LP leadership.

The overwhelming participation in Ron Paul's movement by young people can either be tapped or spat upon. And make no bones about it, you are spitting on an historic opportunity .

Saying that the GOP is "not the vehicle" is completely irrelevant. Come the general election, you could win over Ron Paul voters to the congressional and local candidates and ride his coattails.

The label next to the candidate is totally irrelevant if the message is smaller government and a humble foreign policy.

What you overlook is that RP is enticing the disaffected and "apathetic" to get involved. Those are exactly the people the LP needs to reach.

You and Thomas L. Knapp with your whiny attitudes are showing LP supporters just what is truly important to you. It isn't freedom, it isn't shrinking the government and restoring the republic.

You're still under the delusion that in spite of 30 years of relative failure, the LP's direction should be tied to the same path. What's the definition of insanity?

Ironically, if people take your advice, the consequences will be that the LP slides even further down the path of irrelevance.

Anonymous said...

Our Ron Paul Meet-up group had our last organizational meeting yesterday to prepare for the Silicon Valley Ron Paul Rally, Saturday morning, July 14, Mountain View, CA: www.ronpaulrally.com The fervor and excitement of the group was electrifying! Lew Moore, the RP Campaign Manager was on hand to witness the dedication of grass roots average Americans coming together and working together to achieve a common goal:

Reinstating the Constitution, and
Restoring the Republic!

Our meet-up group coordinator, Kathy McGrade was the very first Bay Area person to start a group. That was just a few short weeks ago. It would be a lonely feeling standing there all by yourself. Her group now has more than 150 members, and San Francisco has more than 170. Now, there's also the Oakland, Santa Cruz, Milpitas, and San Jose meet-up groups. This spontaneous, and rapidly accelerating growth has never occurred before in campaign history.
Here's my point: This is OUR time, the People's time, to set aside labels and petty bickering to achieve a historic prize. If WE ALL work together, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, disenfranchised democrats, pissed-off republicans, anti-war advocates, gun rights groups, tax payer coalitions, home schoolers, clinton haters, jacked over war veterans, even anarchists and 9-11 truther's, ALL SEEKING THE SAME:
Truth, Liberty, and Freedom.
Ron Paul is the most decent, honest, intelligent, articulate, freedom loving person to seek the presidency in our lifetimes. And it won't happen again. Let us unite and support him, or.... prepare ourselves for Totalitarianism.

A Christian Prophet said...

Bravo! Libertarians have never been logical in the realm of electioneering. They have always been bent on self-sabotage.

Although Ron Paul is mostly libertarian and I support him, he too is sabotaging himself by not supporting a clearly libertarian effort to establish freedom in Iraq.

Right now there are no free countries which libertarians can gather themselves to. So ANY country where a brutal murderous dictator can be knocked out and elections established COULD become a candidate to become a libertaian country. Ron Paul should be supporting the efforts of somewhat libertarian Bush on behalf of potential freedom in Iraq.