Jul 6, 2007

Capitol Hill Blue loses it.

It obviously makes them extremely unhappy that Ron Paul's campaign didn't publicly speculate (certain news outlets did however) about their actual donations.
Right-wing Republican and Presidential non-contender Ron Paul, the John Bircher with a long history of racism and anti-Semitism......
It just goes downhill from there. CHB has also closed the article to comments.

(EDITORS NOTE: Because of the documented practice of Ron Paul's campaign of spamming web sites to try and artificially inflate their already-discredited claims of widespread support and our own experience with the underhanded and unethical tactics of his supporters, we have suspended comments on this story. This web site does not serve as a shill for any political campaign and we will not allow it to be used by Paul's small but loud legion of unethical supporters to spread misinformation or perpetuate their candidate's record of deception and hate. As we do with all elected officials of candidates for public office, we will continue to report misdeeds of the Paul's campaign and expose it for the sham that it is.)

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mw said...

Doug Thompson and CHB have zero credibility and any blogger that ever quotes anything they say, whether a story or even a subsequent retraction risks being tainted by the association. This particular story is not unique. Thompson frequently apologizes for, corrects, or simply "disappears" stories he presents at CHB as facts, usually blaming co-workers or untraceable sources. Eric at Classical Values did a great series on Doug Thompson and CHB a year ago, concluding:
"I'm getting a bit tired of Capitol Hill Blue. It's an unreliable web site which I'd never read before July 16, and I think it's staffed by sock puppets... is it possible that reasonable people might be able to agree that regardless of who or what it is, or how, or why it originated, Capitol Hill Blue has been so thoroughly discredited, that it should not be relied on by anyone, anywhere, ever again?"

It is a great read.

I am speaking from experience, as I quoted DT in a post where he claims that GWB said the Constitution was "A god damn piece of paper" in a meeting. CHB has subsequently retracted, "disappeared", and restored that story on their site. I corrected my piece but left it out there with the correction and links to Eric's story as a cautionary tale for other bloggers.

CHB is a very odd duck, made worse by their claims to be a journalistic site and purporting to hold themselves to a higher journalistic standard than a blog.