Jun 14, 2007

The Ron Paul Revolution: Our President

I said I was sick of politics. And I am. I am also cynical and jaded and bitter. I mean...the country elected Bush...TWICE...the second win coming after the disgusting Patriot Act was passed.

The thing is, I have been a fan of Ron Paul's since 1992 when I lived in California. I moved to his district just before it was gerrymandered and to the chagrin of the GOP, he still was able to defeat the establishment GOP challenger.

In all of the years that I've known of Ron Paul, I always wished that he could run for President though I assumed that his message would fall on deaf ears. Boy was I wrong. Just when I thought that I should start looking for places to settle as an expatriate, Ron Paul blasts on to the scene in a firestorm of excitement.

And the thing is...the people I am witnessing who "get it" are the very people I had discounted as being too disaffected to care. Young people. Old people. Black people. Brown people. White people and even Red people like myself.

The mainstream media is trying to discount Paul even though every media poll by the very media companies which televised the debates show Paul as the front runner after the debates.

Of course Gallup et al, won't even ask the people who still have land-lines if they've heard of Ron Paul or would vote for him.

I was a bit worried about that at first. However, I have thought of something that I haven't seen many (if any) of Ron Paul's supporters mention: the 100 million eligible voters that the mainstream media claims are "apathetic".

They're not apathetic. They're disgusted. And they are obviously not that influenced by the mainstream media. If they were to get excited about Ron Paul's candidacy and registered to vote....voila! President Ron Paul.

So all of you in the revolution who read this (all two of you), spread the word. Those are the people you must target if you want to insure he makes it past the primaries. Paul has proven already that he can take on the GOP machine in his own district. He can out raise them and has every time he's tried.

In fact, in 1996, he raised more money for his campaign than any house member not in leadership roles. The only two members who raised more money were Newt Gingrich and Bob Dornan and they received much from Lobbyists and special interests whereas the vast majority of Paul's donations came from individual contributers.

And that is the other way that Paul can win the GOP nomination. He can outspend them. That is, he can outspend them if you commit to helping him save our republic from the despots who have co-opted it for their own personal gain at the expense of your liberties.

Isn't your freedom worth a bit of your excess federal reserve notes? The government has been squeezing you dry through overt taxes like the income tax, the property tax, licensing fees and sales taxes. And covert ones like massive production of federal reserve notes (the true meaning of inflation) which reduces your buying power and transfers wealth into the hands of the banking and investment complex.

Ron Paul has proven that a large group of dedicated investors can beat the establishment. And he has done it consistently for 20 years. 10 terms.

Unlike prior Libertarian candidates who had great ideas but little experience in winning elections (or actually wielding the power bestowed upon them by voters), Ron Paul is very experienced. He's won 5 straight elections since 1996 against some well-connected people.

He is a winner. He is a champion of freedom. And you owe it to yourself to help purchase this election. For once in your life you can make a real difference. Your money will not be the speck compared to the multi-national corporate donations. Your, donation will be as humble or as large as thousands of other like-minded individuals who crave true freedom.

You can afford it. You can make a sacrifice for freedom. It's important. If you fail to make the sacrifice today....well....you know where this train is headed. I don't need to scare you. If you can't give money, and even if you can, talking to people about Ron Paul is the best way to give him the name recognition he will require to win the election in 2008.

Imagine what it would be like to have been involved and to be able to say to yourself , "That's my President."

Ron Paul could be our President. How cool would that be?


Anonymous said...

By saying Bush was elected twice, you are legitimizing this. Please, use quotation marks around the word elected. My god! There is so much evidence that both the elections where stolen. Some films (which you can find online) which cover this sad chapter in US history:

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

Unprecedented - The 2000 Presidential Election

American Blackout

Invisible Ballots:

Rick Fisk said...

Bush was elected twice. If the electoral vote was stolen, then let's steal it back.

Anonymous said...

Go Ron Paul! Go Ron Paul! God Bless Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President 2008!

Ron Paul in CNN debate on June 5, 2007!

"In the time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" GEORGE ORWELL

tex mac said...

Hey, doggie. Saw you over at Tom Knapp's place. Nice post, and I'm glad to know where to find you.