Jun 16, 2007

Ron Paul II?

Great piece here by Dan Sullivan at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review regarding Giuliani's unintended consequences or "blowback". (Oh the irony!)

Then came the blowback. Fox's own post-debate Internet poll showed Paul out-polling Giuliani. Paul was praised by Pat Buchanan, featured on Bill Maher's HBO show and on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show." Ron Paul Internet videos now dominate Republican candidates on YouTube and Paul's campaign chest is growing.

Suddenly the Paul campaign is on a roll, thanks to the blowback Giuliani's arrogance generated. Most of all, Giuliani proved Paul's point.

It is a terrible mistake for those on top to bully the less prominent. It's terrible foreign policy, and it's a terrible campaign strategy.

Still, it's better to see it from Candidate Giuliani than from President Giuliani. We've had enough arrogance in the Oval Office.


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