Jun 22, 2007

The Prince of Pot (Ron Paul Supporter)

Marc Emery is fighting for his life. His only real hope to avoid a life term in an American Prison is if Ron Paul becomes President. Marc lives in Canada and has had a thriving marijuana seed business that has drawn the ire of the DEA. He has also been a Ron Paul supporter for years. He points out what I've been talking about here. Ron's support is real and it covers a wide swath of demographics.
Our magazine circulates 85% of its 66,000 copies in the USA, and believe me, the vast majority of my pothead audience is not right wing or Republican or conservative. But they are registering to vote, affiliating Republican and swallowing every natural bias against neo-con Republicans and doing whatever it takes to get Ron Paul the nomination.
What the DEA is doing to Marc is criminal.

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