Jun 20, 2007

Great Letter to the Editor: Paul is Different

From the Wichita, Kansas Eagle.

Paul is different

I must take issue with Jim Borgman's editorial cartoon (June 9 Opinion) showing an elephant sitting in front of many bowls of vanilla ice cream. It was obviously meant to convey the idea that all the GOP presidential candidates are uniformly similar and bland.

This is not the case regarding Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who is currently serving his 10th term.

Paul, also a physician, has a voting record in Congress that is consistently and strictly according to the U.S. Constitution. He never votes for a bill that goes beyond what the Constitution allows and is known as "Dr. No" for this reason.

Paul has never voted for increased taxes, an unbalanced budget, going to war (although he did vote to allow the military to go after al-Qaida following the Sept. 11 attacks), and he has voted against the Iraq war, the USA Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act (which stripped us of the right of habeas corpus).

Paul has not accepted any increase in pay since returning to Congress. He returns a large portion of his allotment for staff and office expenses each year to the U.S. Treasury. No lobbyists darken his door, as they know they are wasting their time.

Borgman was dead wrong. Paul is no bowl of the same old vanilla the rest of the crowd is serving up. He is not just another politician, but rather a statesman of a kind all but extinct in this day and age.

Please go to the Web site RonPaul2008.com for more information on this rarity in American politics.


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Travis said...

Great letter apparently Mr. Borgman didn't even watch the debate.
Dr. Paul really stood out.
Normally isn't editorial cartoons bold and daring. Revealing the upsurge trues that that the masses miss? Not conform to bland, colorless, step in line bore of same yuk.