Nov 25, 2007

Thompson's Lack of Enthusiasm? Turn That Proposition Around

The MSNBC blog (HT: Laura) follows Fred Thompson's campaign noting that not only are his staffers unenthusiastic about the campaign, but the low number of people who come to see him speak seem just as apathetic.
a small crowd of less than 50 also seemed to lack an enthusiasm for the candidate. Throughout the roughly 20-minute speech, largely centered on national security, Thompson stopped several times for applause, yet there were only uninspired responses from the crowd. As Thompson entered the rustic VFW hall, the crowd had to be prompted to applaud by his campaign staffers in back of the room.

I have no idea if my comment will make it on their blog since comments are moderated but here's the response I posted...

So at what point do you guys start noticing that Ron Paul's support is staggering?

We now know via this blog that a dozen for Romney and 50 for Fred where applause has to be prompted is newsworthy. (Last month, shortly after his announcement at a stop in New Hampshire he [Thompson] had to ask a crowd of about 20 for applause). Maybe Fred isn't the one lacking enthusiasm. Maybe his platform is not only un-inspiring to his supporters but to Fred and anyone on his staff.

So where do you note that 5000+ in Philadelphia, 2000+ in Nashville, 2000+ in Michigan, 1000+ in Nevada, 700+ in Austin (back in May!), all crowds that arrived to see Dr. Paul in varying weather conditions, is newsworthy?

Isn't it time to recognize that the real front runner of this Republican race is in fact Ron Paul? Isn't it time to re-assess this absurd notion that it is Ron Paul who is the quirky "fringe" candidate?

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