Nov 25, 2007

Poison Your kids or We'll Shoot

In Maryland the state has herded children into a courthouse like cattle and forced vaccinations under threat of imprisonment. Even Fox news thought this was extreme.

Of course, there's no law that they can use to actually punish parents for not vaccinating their children. But that didn't stop them from threatening jail time and a good number of parents just gave in. We definitely should be ashamed of letting this sort of thing to happen. Vaccination "science" is dubious at best and this should be a choice made by parents. But when your biggest political donors are drug companies, it is no wonder that this happens.

Here in Texas, Governor Perry, who takes a good amount of cash from Merck, signed an executive order demanding that girls in Texas schools take a vaccine that hasn't been shown to have any positive effect in reducing cervical cancer rates.

Of course Merck is going to be profitable when the government is mandating the use of its products. This practice has been going on for years, benefiting many different industries and corporations here in the U.S.

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