Nov 4, 2007

Ron Paul: November 5th Starts With a Bang!

I caught a screenshot from about midnight Central Daylight Time from Ron Paul The starting total was $2,788,637 just before I dropped my own $100 donation.

They've now updated that to a starting total of $3,115,107.

If we use the former, as of 1:00 CDT, the total is $3,345,180, and so far the total raised is $560,000 in roughly 2 hours.

If we use the latter start number (3.1 million), it's $230k in two hours. That's still a phenomenal rate. Using that rate, we're at 115k per hour and today will see about 2.7 million by the days end. It's less than the 10 million we wanted to see, but will certainly put Ron Paul on track to get to the 12 million mark by December 31. By the end of the day the total raised for the quarter could be about 5.4 million if this remains steady.

However, the former number is the correct number according to my screen shot which captured the RP Graphs data at 12:56 Eastern Daylight Time. That means that the number is more like $230,000 per hour and the total at the end of the day could very well be 5.4 million and 8.1 million for the quarter so far. 5.4 million In one day? Let's hope this pace remains this way.

Update: I sent a note to Dan, who runs the graphs site, regarding the discrepancy in the start numbers:

I added in the offline donors.. I think that is what you saw.


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