Nov 30, 2007

10.3 Million and Counting

So we've now surpassed Giuliani's third quarter fund raising. Based on the way the man is positively blowing up, I have my doubts that Giuliani will surpass his third quarter fund raising. And McCain could suprise but my gut says he'll be lucky to raise 5 million.

Fred? About the same. He's been a big disappointment. From a philosophical/political viewpoint, I might be able to live with Fred (though there's no way he'd beat a democrat in the general). He was one of the few sane voices in the Senate during its investigation into Janet Reno's home fry restaurant in Waco. But today, he has no fire, he looks like skeletor and nobody gets excited about anything he has to say. So I really don't think that even the corporate donors will be writing checks to his campaign. I have to admit that before Fred Announced I saw him as the real dark horse of this campaign. He allegedly had some charisma and that is what I think the poor neoconservative values voters were hoping to find. Oops... "First, can I get a round of applause?"

Huckabee might raise 3 million this quarter. We still have a month to go. Huckabee's poll numbers on the other hand put him in the top tier. But it seems awfully convenient. I He doesn't have money to spend, doesn't have grass roots support of any note and even though he is being touted as the "surprise" candidate by the old media, there's no "there" there.

The only challenger to Ron Paul's fund raising will be Romney and my guess is that he will write himself another loan which will represent the majority of his fund raising "success".

So in terms of money, Ron Paul will likely be #2 if not #1 in the fourth quarter. What's very exciting about this campaign is that the growth is steady. It hasn't peaked.

And I really don't think it will peak until we get into the middle of the general election and perhaps beyond. Laura pointed out that today's fund raising of over $500,000 was a "disappointment" to certain commentators.

To whom? Certainly not to Ron Paul or his supporters. More of the old media's rotten spin since they can't find bad news to report elsewhere. Wait 'til 12/16 you putzes. That is going to be a world-wide event with sympathetic protests held in Europe.

Show me any Candidate on either side that is inspiring support in any country other than the U.S. Isn't happening because the world is scared to death of the whole lot of megalomaniacal sociopaths who aren't named Ron Paul.

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