Sep 15, 2008


I am studying the LP's demise lately with regards to the party's co-option by a small minority of pro-war "libertarians". Thomas L. Knapp, a pundit whom I used to respect, had this to say back in 2003, before the Iraq war had begun:
I know that I will not endorse, donate to, vote for or otherwise support any candidate proposing to run for public office on the LP ticket, or for any party office, who comes out in support of this war.

I know that to the extent that I am able, I will work to get anti-war candidates to contest the primaries of any pro-war candidates who run for public office on the LP ticket, and anti-war candidates to run for party office against candidates who identify themselves as pro-war.

While Knapp came out against RP - he was promoting Steve Kubby and was concerned that RP would deflect money from his candidate - he is absolutely dead on here. The pro-war "libertarians" are the worst of the worst in politics.

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Thane Eichenauer said...

While Mr. Barr and Mr. Root may not be as anti-war as some, I find their posted positions (and their actions) to be solidly anti-occupation and reasonably solid that the goal is leaving soon.

I wish that Barr's campaign would be willing to put a date on it but apparently they think this purposefull vagueness will gain them either votes or influence.