Sep 26, 2008

Groveling for Dollars

Paulson got on his knees yesterday to beg Pelosi to wave the magic wand on the bailout plan. Today, Bush makes a short little speech to reporters to once again threaten us with global catastrophe if we don't support the power grab they've proposed.

Let me tell you something. They're panicking and they're trying to cover something up. You do not ask for unprecedented power like this to "save" the American people from financial catastrophe. What really needs to happen, rather than cow-towing to these threats, is an independent investigator should immediately start looking into Paulson's finances. The former Goldman-Sachs executive is up to his eyeballs in something sinister. Put this in perspective. The 700 billion they're asking is almost as much as the entire annual military budget of the U.S. They are facing personal losses. Not everyone was stupid enough to invest in mortgage-backed securities. They're trying to save their own bacon, not yours.

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