Sep 22, 2008

It really is Robbery.

You won't hear this on the mainstream media channels. Apart from the fact that the government doesn't actually have any cash that it doesn't either print out of thin air or extract from your wallet - so you are in effect on the hook for the recent bailouts - the AIG bailout in particular gave the investment banks carte blanche to raid your portfolio.
"This is so important a topic, that it deserves top billing!!! Hidden inside the AIG bailout funding package, surely hastily cobbled together, but carefully enough to include a totally corrupt clause, was a handy dandy clause that permits raids. The conglomerate financial firms are permitted at this point to use private individual brokerage account funds to relieve their own liquidity pressures. This represents unauthorized loans of your stock account assets. So next, if the conglomerate fails, your stock account is part of the bankruptcy process. Finally the corrupt USGovt and corrupt Wall Street houses are desperate enough to put into policy, stated by the US Federal Reserve, outlining the authorized raid of your money."

[emphasis added]

Get out while you can.

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