Dec 30, 2005

Support the troops:Rat them out!

Boots in Baghdad is a very slick blog dedicated to propagandizing spreading the good news about the Iraq war from the soldier's perspective.

Last month, the gung-ho fellow who writes to us, normally about the great work being performed by his fellow infantrymen, offered a special advisory about emails that have been circulated around the internet, allegedly by soldiers who are scared and want to come home.
These e-mails are fake. They were not written by American soldiers. American soldiers lust for the blood of their nation's enemies. They understand the commitment they have made to their nation and their fellow service members.
Private(?) Miner suggests you forward any such emails you may receive to his yahoo e-mail address

But look, If you're going to rat out some "yellow son of a bitch" who has complained about conditions in Iraq, why not just forward the emails directly the good blogger's military e-mail address.


Anonymous said...

My buddy is back from Iraq. They are not happy over there. They are mad. They are in the know. Like us. They know they have been used like a used kleenex.

Anonymous said...

It is me from above. I will add to my comment:

These great men and women go over thinking they are sacrificing for our country, for us, a noble act. But they, some, are realizing it was all in vain. How sad for them. How sad for us.