Dec 28, 2005

Top ten things to do with 2005's leap-second

  1. List the times and dates George Bush has told the truth about the Iraq war.
  2. Watch re-runs of George Bush speeches in which Dick Cheney doesn't have his hand up George's back.
  3. Count the millions denied to Administration officials because a corporation other than the one they controled prior to gaining power, received lucrative government contracts.
  4. Count the number of bird flu victims that will be helped by an administration of Tamiflu as distributed by Gilead Sciences (Donald Rumsfield).
  5. Count the number of convictions since 9/11/2001 of terrorists arrested by the Bush Administration's Justice Department.
  6. Count the number of laws repealed by any legislature anywhere.
  7. Count the number of times your congressman didn't send you a form letter in response to one of your questions.
  8. Count the money donated to charity personally by Democrat senators.
  9. List the number of times the Supreme Court has upheld the constitution in the last 100 years.
  10. Blink if you're horny!


A Muser said...

Now *that* was funny.

(But you forgot "Count the number of times Rick has gone with the Conventional Wisdom on a topic")

Rick Fisk said...

Hey! I resemble that remark. I think that I have been diagnosed as a terminal contrarian.