Jan 4, 2006

Texas Wins! Vince Young Rules

Texas won another Rose Bowl tonight. The offensive MVP was awarded to Vince Young and rightfully so. Young scored the final 8 points in a nail-biting, 41 - 38 glorious victory over USC. Texas held Reggie Bush to just 82 yards rushing.

I couldn't watch the final 4 minutes of the game. I had to get in my car and drive home partly out of fear. The Ohio State game in September was a similar experience. When the second half started, I was two hours from home at a friends house and had to pack up the kids and get going. Radio reception what it is here in Austin, I finally picked up a signal just outside of Austin. Expecting to hear the customary concilliatory interviews, I was instead stunned to hear Craig Way, play caller for Longhorns football and men's basketball, congratulating VY on a come-back win.

So when I left the bar tonight it was partly out of supersticion and partly from a desire not to see the Longhorns lose. Picture Glen Close's character in "The Natural" who explained to Roy Hobbs she couldn't stand to see him fail.

I didn't get to see the last plays but hearing Craig Way call them may have been even better. As I drove east on 71, the seconds ticked by and it became clear that Vince Young is not somebody you ever want to bet against. Nobody even looked at me funny as I shook my fists and screamed...

"I wouldn't bet against me" - Roy Hobbs, The Natural


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