May 15, 2011

Game On! Ron Paulunteers Ready to Hit The Streets.

It feels like it was just a few months ago, though it has been almost 4 years, since I was excited about politics or optimistic about the future. Since the time that Ron Paul wound down his second attempt to become President, I have experienced personal financial catastrophe and witnessed the same on a national level. Like the days when I was younger and played football or hockey in the middle of a neighborhood street, pausing for cars, so has my enthusiasm paused since we elected the man Robin Koerner of the Huffington Post has dubbed “Bush-plus”.

I find that many of my friends have been in the same “car” mode after Obama was elected. The strides made by the Congressman and his Campaign for Liberty are of interest, but it seems as if the time has been passed trying to find ways around the ever-increasing bureaucracy  and regulatory encroachments enacted since 2008.  Most of them a reaction to inept government
policies that Ron Paul so presciently highlighted during his previous Presidential campaign.

A little less than 4 years ago, I remember writing about Ron Paul’s chances of winning. The one thing I was wrong about, was that the majority of the US was ready to accept what Ron Paul was saying. I over-estimated the public’s ability to see how far the US had devolved from its heady days of the late 18th century. However, that has changed dramatically since just after the primary battle ended. Bush signed a 700 billion dollar extortion demand written by former executives (and some would say current) of Goldman Sacs and which Obama extended after his own election.

Since that time, Bloomberg was able to extract details of the Federal Reserve’s obscene actions in the wake of the bi-partisan TARP bills which are beyond the pale. Hundreds of billions went to foreign banks while their “discount window” offered cheap dollars to domestic banks in exchange for their virtually worthless “assets”.

The situation for the US is dire. While we have had some movement in the right direction, it is apparent that the US has devolved into an unsustainable world police-state that if left unchecked will not only bankrupt those living today but generations to come. The freedoms which are our birthright have been eroding at an accelerated pace as unemployment and the dollar’s debasement march in side-long fashion.

It is almost a shame that Ron Paul’s predictions weren’t realized until after he had already dropped out of the last race, but it may be just as well. Since the bailouts were passed and budgets containing trillions in deficits have been passed since, it is obvious that the status-quo and conventional wisdom achieve no justice or remedy to the problems they are purported to correct. The American people had to see for themselves that the cure proposed is to give us more of the disease and that party labels are utterly meaningless in this regard.

In fact, because Ron Paul was able to predict the poor results of our ill-conceived federal monetary , foreign and legislative policy, he has removed the most potent weapon the opposition used against him during the last cycle. His opposition blew off his warnings as the ramblings of a conspiracy nut while they were claiming that the economy was sound and growing. Oops. In the words of Tyler Durden, “How’s that working out for you?”

This is why more and more pundits are realizing that this truly is the “Age of Ron Paul”.

But beyond the fact that Ron Paul’s credibility has soared amongst those who were previously skeptics, we can look to the man himself for a reason to hope. Not only has he never shied from controversy but he has also never compromised his beliefs merely to make short term political gains. Because his goal is not personal power and influence, but to educate in principles that transcend his own personal desires, he has achieved both without meaning to.

Shortly after announcing his candidacy on Friday, I received an email from Dr. Paul discussing the unprecedented media attention he’s received and some of the day's details. You may have received it as well. In it he suggested that it would be up to us, those who believe that individual freedom is the only way to restore our nation to some semblance of its lofty ideals, to make his Presidency a reality.

It also contained a pledge which, if you haven’t already read, I feel compelled to share.

1. I will work as hard as I can and do everything in my ability to make this campaign a success.
2. We will build the strongest team we possibly can and execute the best, most professional effort    in our power.
3. I will never compromise and never, ever back down.

Given recent events, I hope you’ll join me in running out into the streets and screaming to anyone who wants to come back and play: “GAME ON!”


Leslie Jones Virginia Beach, VA said...

I've loved and followed your writings since 2007. Dr. Paul and you inspire me, Rick. Keep up the good work.

bill s said...

Many people like Paul but disagree with his foreign policy. How misguided is that? How can they not connect our domestic and foreign policies as one package? Dr. Paul is a man of integrity, peace and wisdom. He knows far better than most that our spiritual and economic health are being destroyed by war spending and killing overseas. If this continues, our accelerating police-state measures will become "justified" by proliferating terrorist attacks in this country. Stupid people will not put it all together and will do what they are told for bread and "security". Ron Paul 2012!!