May 26, 2011

The Two Faces of Michelle Bachmann

Teocon Michelle Bachmann wants it both ways. She wants to be one of the gangsters while pretending she is shocked and appalled by what the government is doing. Back in 2009 she was very upset with the GM bailouts and the effect it was having on dealers in the midwest. She called the cronyism that flourished afterward proof that the government was a "gangster government".

But spying and wiretapping? No Problem. Bachmann recently spent 5 minutes on the house floor attempting to assuage constituents and tea-partiers. Bachmann did a poor job in suggesting that her recent vote in favor of extending the Patriot Act was for your own good. When the government starts going after those "lone wolves" who probably sport Ron Paul stickers, the gangsters patriots are doing it to screw protect you.

After Rand Paul's heroic effort in the Senate to kill the inappropriately named assault on the people's liberties, and the overwhelmingly positive reaction to it, I think this may become one of the seminal issues of 2012. Bachmann was clearly nervous given the negative feedback she's already received regarding her vote and the backlash on Facebook is overwhelmingly against the gangsters.

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