Aug 11, 2007

Word Of The Day: Freegasm

The word of the day is "freegasm."


  1. The shudder of ecstasy one receives when Ron Paul delivers the positive message of freedom in one of his many speeches.
  2. The euphoric elation one feels when viewing Ron Paul's vote tallies either from online polls, or various GOP straw polls held throughout the nation.
  3. The completely satisfied feeling one receives upon witnessing Sean Hannity's facial expression as he tries to maintain composure while announcing Ron Paul the leader of Fox News' text messaging poll.

That's what you get when you watch Ron Paul speak. Orgasm's require exertion and sometimes expense, freegasms are free.

1 comment:

Ellis Wyatt said...

Someone just said: "he hit's my G.OP spot".

Live vid is back too. Speech in the campaign tent.