Nov 14, 2005

How would this fly in the U.S.?

Allegedly, two suicide bombers, a man and his wife, travel from Iraq ( where there are little or no travel restrictions and no troops watching the main roads ) to Jordan, land themselves a cute little furnished apartment and prepare to bomb a wedding celebration.

Apparently her husband pushed her out of the hotel ballroom when he noticed her struggling with the detonation cord. I don't know about you but if my wife tried to detonate herself before I could get into position, I'd probably whisper in her ear that her actions were a bit premature. "Just wait honey, at least let me get to the other side of the room like we planned."

Compared to British police, who shot a "suicide bomber" 7 times in the head because they feared he might explode, Jordanian police showed remarkable restraint. They decided to pose her for cameras, still wearing the alleged explosive rig. Those guys have some serious cajones.

I wonder what an American judge would say about the prejudicial nature of such "confession" footage.

Jordanians are pretty compassionate all the way around though. After televising the woman twice..
..a TV announcer cited security officials as saying the woman gave no further details because "she was still suffering from the shock of the blasts and her subsequent arrest."

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