Nov 11, 2005

Bush: Those Bastards Bombed a Wedding!

Part of me wants to believe that Bush is just stupid. I mean, really stupid. But the voice inside my head that whispers "what a moron", is overruled by another voice. The other voice tells me that Bush isn't stupid, he is, quite obviously, evil. Bush thinks..perhaps knows, that the general population has an infinite capacity for stupidity. Though it pains me to agree with Bush on any subject, it would seem that his apparent assessment is correct. It's certainly obvious that the mainstream media, which republicans accuse is out to get Bush, refuses to call him on the blatant hypocrisy he demonstrates on a daily basis. And according to his supporters, any alleged hypocrisy by the Bush administration is actually an indictment on those who notice it occurring. You can think of this as the "I know you are but what am I" syndrome of modern politics.

Even while the Abu Gahrib incident was blowing up in his face, Bush displayed a strategy of pulling down the other guy's pants to show the world skid marks while himself wading in shit. During a joint press conference with Vicente Fox in January of 2004, Bush acted as if U.S. actions were always justified.
Iraq is more free every day. The citizens are beginning -- the lives of the citizens are improving every day. And one thing is for certain; there won't be any more mass graves and torture rooms and rape rooms.
Yesterday, after speaking with the King of Jordan, Bush uttered this gem:
and during my conversation, as he described the fact that these bombers went into a wedding and killed people there that were there to celebrate life, killed innocent -- the bombers killed innocent women and children, it struck me, Mr. Ambassador, that -- once again, that we face an enemy that has no heart, an enemy that is defiling a great religion, of Islam.
Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Here is the same man who attempted to justify the Army's bombing of a wedding party in Iraq, killing 27 men, 10 women and 15 children, as if the act upon which he is commenting is unprecendented. "Hello! McFly!"

Then again, the event that occurred on May 19, 2004 was not the first time U.S. forces had attacked a wedding. In July of 2002, celebratory fire into the air during a wedding celebration prompted a U.S. response in the form of a B-52 bombing raid coupled with a C-130 gunship straffing and a ground assault.

One hopes that the Bush twins do not suffer such a fate if ever they chose to marry.


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