May 23, 2004

It keeps getting worse....

The New York Times reports:
"Pentagon Officials revealed Friday that the Army has undertaken criminal investiagions into the deaths of at least 32 Iraqis and 5 Afghanis held by U.S. forces since August 2002. That is eight more cases than the Pentagon publically reported two weeks ago. Eight of the deaths have already been determined by medical examiners to be possible homocides, involving acts committed before or during interrogation.

"Previous statements had not made clear that so many prisoners died in interrogation, rather than being shot during riots or escape attempts."

The worst part is that this story seems to be quickly disappearing. Searching google for words from the story (Title is:Tactics approved by Intel Officers) (it's in Saturday's Austin American Statesman) turns up one link. Clicking on the link won't produce the story. That's normal for some newsfeeds since they are constantly rotating stories with the same URL. However clicking on the cache in google won't produce the text either....

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