May 16, 2004

Aaron Russo for President

I have a great feeling about Aaron Russo. I know that we libertarians are supposed to be rational and Spock-like, but I don't care. I loved Harry Browne. I covered him at the Anti-War convention back in 2000 for Free Republic when the place still had some promise (it has long since become like Democratic Underground and the French Revolution sans the Gillotine).

He was as good as anyone I ever saw at speaking and conveying the libertarian message. But I was already a believer. In some ways libertarianism is like a religion for me. Allowing others their freedom is a way of life. And sometimes only those of us who have long-since drunk the libertarian kool-aid actually get why it is so exciting to see a libertarian, who also gets it, speaking to a crowd of infadels. :)

I think Russo has a very unique chance to get in front of people the LP has never been able to approach. His media savvy and connections appear to have already brought him un-precedented exposure. But it isn't just media exposure that makes a potential Russo candidacy so exciting, it's his ability to come across as a sincere, credible candidate who wants his countrymen set free. Surprisingly so. Just check out excerpts from a pilot he produced back in 1996 called Mad As Hell, or his recent Fox interview (low speed |high speed) [Windows Media - right click and save].

Michael Badnarik is from here in Austin and I admire the man but I don't think he's got the same sort of after-convention potential(or before-convention for that matter) as Russo. I don't know much about Gary Nolan. I'm sure they're both fine candidates.

My endorsement, for what it's worth goes to Aaron Russo.

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