Aug 21, 2010

Eat the Circus

It shouldn’t amaze anyone that the decaying entertainment providers in this country, even those which purport to be the alternative to “liberal media”, have, in the face of the second US depression, been promoting the least relevant current events. Some might go so far as to claim that this is by design. Whatever the truth is, if we are being manipulated on purpose or merely being given the titillation we crave, we are witnessing the actions of a lost and shell-shocked population who do not want to face the situation with which they are confronted. Instead they aimlessly stagger from the trivial to the benign with increasing volume and frequency.

There have been a very long string of emotional outbursts from the media which have diverted our attentions from what is important, timed just so.

On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had “misplaced” 2.3 trillion dollars, (yes, with a T) the amount of which could have paid for the subsequent Iraq war three times over. For obvious and legitimate reasons, the press never got warmed up on that story. But it also never revisited the matter to any significant degree and there are probably a great number of Americans who have no idea that so much money has been “lost”.

Today, our government is so far in debt, there aren’t enough Federal Reserve Notes in circulation to repay what has been borrowed. In spite of this, our well-born masters, when they’re not worrying about baseball players using steroids or who should be allowed to play in a BCS bowl game, are informing us that Muslims are about to completely take over our political and religious traditions, replacing them with Sharia law. (By building a cultural center?)

It hasn’t of course occurred to any of them that the majority of immigrant Muslims in this country fled nations that had instituted some tyrant’s idea of Sharia, because they didn’t want to live under such a system. If we follow the logic of Newt Gingrich and others to its conclusion, most came here because they hate freedom and are so mad about being free that they pine away for a society where their little girls cannot get an education, where their neighbors and wives are stoned or beheaded for what most of us would consider minor social faux pauxs, citizens routinely disappear at the hands of secret police and private property is confiscated by local warlords.

It is self-evident that this logic is faulty. Sadly, an argument that should be limited to those who have an ownership stake in the property under dispute has spread like wildfire and consumed the audiences of talk-radio and social networking sites as if the fate of the world rests in the balance.

If that topic doesn’t suit you, we’ve got pure sports talk gold! In 2008, Roger Clemens asked Congress to let him testify in order to provide a counterpoint to the accusations being made against him. Two years later he’s been indicted for perjury. What’s the lesson here? Why it’s that lying to Congress is more serious than any drug use, which is purely awful, especially if you claim it never happened. How dare he lie to Congress! How dare he claim his innocence! Nobody does that and gets away with it!

Unless of course, Congress has asked somebody to come and lie to them for selfish reasons.

In late 1993, Charles Schumer arranged for the testimony of then 14-year-old Kiri Jewell, a young lady who claimed that Koresh molested her when she was 10. Jewell’s father, who had been hustling Kiri’s story to every news outlet and Hollywood contact he could find, brought his daughter to Washington so she could add child molestation to the infamy of David Koresh. For Schumer it was a golden opportunity to run interference on behalf of the BATF and FBI who had been responsible for the largest and deadliest federal police-action in US history, though it was not the first time police had burned women and children to death.

Kiri’s testimony was uncomfortably salacious and crude even by Congress’ standards. It was also questionable. Kiri was not a resident at Mt. Carmel at the time she claimed the incident took place. She lived in California with her mother and grandmother. The reporter who discovered this fact, Ambrose-Evans Pritchard, a Washington correspondent for the London Telegraph, was not asked to testify. Had he done so, he might have let the committee know that it only took him 15 minutes to make the discovery.

The FBI may have burned to death 84 innocent people who were never alleged to have committed any crime other than failing to pay a tax stamp, but they at least got an alleged child molester in the bargain. Point being, the FBI had no incentive to prosecute Kiri for perjury or her father for suborning perjury. The public will ignore the most radical tyranny if the victims are sufficiently demonized. They certainly didn’t notice when Carlos Ghigliotti an expert at analyzing infrared (FLIR) footage died before he could testify on behalf of the surviving Branch Davidians. What a coincidence. Look! Zimbabwe!

In other recent news, the kind that shall go unnoticed as we amble through and gawk at train-wrecks, the US government announced quietly that Iran doesn’t have nuclear weapons after all and it won’t have any soon, if ever. After spending the past thirty years demonizing Iran and claiming for the past eight that there was an imminent nukular threat, government officials conceded that Iran might actually be telling the truth about its nuclear program.

10 days ago, on August 20, the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee (the monopoly that determines interest rates for the country’s banks) admitted that its previous predictions about the economy’s recovery were premature.

“The pace of economic recovery is likely to be more modest in the near term than had been anticipated,” the Federal Open Market Committee said in a statement in Washington.

Their solution? To buy up more debt from a government that could not repay it even if it confiscated an entire year’s wages and corporate profits of the entire US population. What our masters are doing to us is similar to the funny prank that only works in b-grade comedies.

“Look! Behind you!”



( Queue laugh track )

President Obama has been doing his darnedest to ensure that the Federal Reserve has lots and lots of debt available for the aforementioned money printing scheme. This week he was at the home of an Ohio architect who had benefited from the economically brilliant plan of beg, borrow and steal from the productive to pay the leeches. He even got within a few feet of the plebes, braving pollen and mosquitoes for the edification of the masses.

When he’s done telling us how the government’s economic plans might take a decade to produce results, he’ll take a nice 2-week vacation in Martha’s Vinyard just like us. And we’ll get to watch it all in High Def.

When the bankers and Obama have driven most of us into unemployment and starvation, after we’ve finished arguing over who is the most evil non-threat to our freedom, perhaps we can eat the circus.


Burkeman1 said...

When the bankers and Obama have driven most of us into unemployment and starvation, after we’ve finished arguing over who is the most evil non-threat to our freedom, perhaps we can eat the circus.

It's literally like watching a template of empire collapse before our eyes. All the elements are there- from an ossified political system wholly incapable of change or even minimal self examination, systemic centralized institutional corruption, an increasingly paranoid security state . . . right down to the trivialities and embarassingly stupid non issues that all imperial populations seem to desperately grasp onto in order to avoid looking into the gaping maw that awaits them.

Comedy within horror indeed.

L.S. John said...

Prestidigitators deluxe.

Good read.

Rick Fisk said...

"an ossified political system wholly incapable of change or even minimal self examination"

That about sums it up and it didn't even take 2100 words :)