Oct 7, 2008

Patrick Ruffini: How can McCain win!!???

Patrick Ruffini is all in a panic. McCain and Palin have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. He asks his readers for some ideas. My response follows.

There's no wisdom or judgement in the McCain campaign. McCain trots out logical fallacy after logical fallacy during the debates and apparently believes that his audience is just stupid enough to buy it.

He misunderestimates his own audience (the choir who may be dumb enough to believe it) and completely ignores the part of the audience he wants to sway.

Case in point. At the debates he repeatedly claimed that merely meeting with Ahmadinejad would give credence to everything the man has ever said in the past. He also falsely claimed that he has stated that Israel should be pushed into the sea and that was the intent of Iran. Not so, never was said.

But even if it were true, meeting with him would not legitimize the statements. The claim is grossly wrong and we should be extremely distrustful of anyone with such a low tolerance for logic.

McCain clearly would like to create more enemies for the U.S. Now, this is funny to an anti-war Republican such as myself because Obama is as hawkish as McCain. McCain can't differentiate himself from Obama. They're both Wiilsonian wanks who think the job of the US military is to go around bullying other countries to satisfy their own personal agendas.

So what can McCain do to differentiate himself from Obama? Nothing. They're both big spenders. McCain voted against Bush's taxcuts and then flip-flopped on the issue of making them permanent.

He's responsible for the un-constitutional McCain-Feingold law. That alone disqualifies him in my mind.

Both Obama and McCain, even in the financial crisis we face cannot even approach the possibility of reducing a 1 trillion dollar per year foreign policy budget which requires that we borrow 3 billion PER DAY from China to finance.

The McCain campaign is clearly doing the only thing it can do: run a grossly negative campaign and shoot itself in the foot. There is no other strategy that they have sans actually embracing constitutional conservatism and they won't do it.

Republicans had the chance to win this election but blew off the only candidate who could beat the Democrats: Ron Paul. You remember him right? He's the guy that predicted the recession of 1987 back in 1983. And he's the guy who predicted that the government would have to bail out fannie mae and freddie mac back in 2003.

He also has the solution. Oh...there's one thing McCain could do to win. Ditch Palin and adopt Ron Paul's platform verbatim. He'd win in a landslide just by repeating everything Dr. Paul has said about this ridiculous bailout.....but whoops...McCain wants to take credit for helping to get it passed even though 90% of Americans are against it. Brilliant. A shoe in for sure....

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