May 29, 2008

Scott McLellen: Liar

It's not that I'm unhappy about his revelations but anyone with half a brain knew that the administration was lying its ass off to justify the Iraq war. You had to be a complete moron to believe the nonsense that they were peddling. But now Scott has to pretend as though he only now understands how much he was being misled.

And his ex-colleagues are all claiming "this isn't the Scott we knew."

Right, the Scott you knew was perfectly willing to lie to the American public. He was a member in good standing of the "club." You all should rot in hell. There are over 1 million dead civilians who didn't ask to be liberated so and not one of you has the decency to consider the lives you've snuffed out. You knew you were lying when you supported this war, and you know you're lying now.

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