Feb 13, 2008

See the World

Exotic places and beautiful faces
that's what they said I'd see
Three squares and a roof over my head
now that's a cube at least
they were right about something

When I killed my first man I was barely seventeen
I closed his beady eyes as he read a magazine
He didn't seem real threatening but the Captain he was shouting
and then slapped me on the back while laughing

he said, "Clean yourself up son you look white as a ghost."

I replied

Can you get me out of here
I can't close my eyes lest I see that face
I've got to get myself away from here

maybe, just maybe, dyin' ain't so bad

Now its better him than me
because I am a wiser man
That teenage boy went in to hiding
to keep the man from crying
The man crushes bones
and the boy sends letters home
But I wonder what will happen if I ever make it back

I hear

"Hey boy get your rifle we rolling out again"

Can you get me out here, ma the boys are taking care of me
I've got to get myself away from here,
tell Jimmy not to come there ain't nothin' left to do

Now I see the world
for what it is and what it was
while I was fightin for your freedom
you was starin' at the teevee

I'll let you in on a secret
I didn't set you free
and if I did you'd never know
'cause the flag got in your eyes

I fear

living dead people unliving dead lives

Can you get me out of here
where's the freedom that you offered
Don't you want to get out of here
thirty pieces won't buy a cup of coffee

War and death and taxes ain't no way to see the world

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