Jan 12, 2008

Another News Story That Never Was: Ron Paul Second in Wyoming

Ron Paul came second in Wyoming according to CNN. Now, this should be a huge news story. But of course, it isn't.


Laura said...

Not to rain on your parade (and I'd be thrilled with a 2nd), but they've also got Thompson and McCain at 2nd, too, although based on the delegate count, I think Thompson should have been 2nd, and McCain, Paul, Huckabee and Giuliani should have been tied for 3rd. Since that link doesn't provide any actual vote totals, it's kind of hard to tell where they came up with those numbers. They have Huckabee and Giuliani at 3rd.

Burkeman1 said...

Surprising. Wyoming is a Potemkin state. It is a federal dependent with half of it's land owned outright by the Feds. It is a rotten borough state that exists to validate DC rule. It spawned super apparatchik Dick Cheney who was later bought the one congressional seat from that state after already spending 15 years doing the DC bureaucracy job hopping thing.

I am surprised Paul would have placed so well there. I would have assumed the population of that welfare state knows who butters their bread.